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Sunday, August 13, 2017


A few weeks ago I wrote about how we were really getting serious about getting rid of stuff we aren't using around here.  I am happy to report that it's definitely going well and we are starting to see a difference.  There are some areas that still need work, but the simple fact that we are seeing any progress at all is a plus.

We made a huge dent in our basement in a lot of ways.  We got rid of quite a few things and we did some major rearranging.  I am much happier with the way it looks now.  We still have some stuff to get rid of and a few things that need moved, but it feels like we have made a tremendous step forward. 

One thing we had way too much of just sitting around was old computer equipment.  Around here, you can no longer just toss a broken electronic device, particular a television or computer into the trash.  It has to be taken somewhere to be recycled, and many of those places charge you a fee per item to do that.  BUT, I did find out that Staples office supply stores will take those items at no charge.  Whoohoo!!  Earlier this year we got rid of 2 laptops that had died that way.  By the time we were done cleaning out the basement, we had taken a monitor, printer, scanner and laptop!  I felt bad about the monitor and the scanner because they probably still worked, but not only did we no longer need them, you can't even donate them to charity as they have quit taking them.  So I was happy to find someplace to dispose of them that cost nothing.  The last time I took stuff over, I asked what they did with these items, and was very pleased to learn that they actually send the items to a place where they are disassembled and any recyclable parts are kept for that purpose.  I was super happy to hear that, I hate to think that so much of this stuff is ending up in landfills.

I cleaned my office as well, before it was over with I took 4 boxes of stuff for donation.  Now it no longer looks like a catch all room and is much easier to get through.  We need to remove the table that is in there and take it to the basement office space as my husband will get much more use out of it that way.  Then we will bring a small desk/table over from my father-in-laws house to take it's place. 

I'll be glad when we finally get this project finished.  But I know it won't happen overnight because it didn't get this way overnight.  I will say though that all of this cleaning over the past couple of years has really changed my outlook when it comes to shopping and evaluating wants from needs with a far more critical eye than I did before.  It's just a matter of sticking to it afterwards. 

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dan said...

Clean up the basement and get rid of old stuff is tiresome. You did a good job, Flo! I understand your satisfaction...