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Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Big Clean Out

For the past few years I've been posting about how we've been getting rid of things that we no longer use or have need for.  Overall, we've eliminated a lot of stuff.  Some items have been donated, others sold on Ebay and a few things passed on to friends and family.  But we still have too much.  I've reached that point where I don't even care anymore about selling some of it on Ebay.  The whole process has become such a hassle due to many factors:  increased fees, unscrupulous buyers and the whole packaging and shipping issue.  Enough!

Today we start a full scale clean out on the remaining things around here.  I think the process of cleaning out my father-in-laws house has been a bit of a trigger for this line of thought.  We've been very careful not to bring items home with us that we don't need or genuinely like.  I know in many situations like ours, people end up with stuff that they wouldn't use in a million years simply because they either don't know what to do with it or they feel guilty giving it away.  I'm past that.  I was past that point a long time ago, but with everything we've had going on lately, we got sidetracked. 

One of the things we brought home from my father-in-laws were two recliner chairs.  Both leather and in great condition.  One was needed in the living room and the other for our basement family room area.  We don't use that area all that much, but it will be nice to have some decent seating.  We also brought home a small table that I'd always admired and two very nice lamps.  It will be nice to finally get that part of our house more the way we wanted it.  But there are also things that we need to get rid of to make that work. 

My nephews are coming over to help us move around furniture today.  The rest will be up to us.  I'll be glad when it's done, but it's going to take some serious work.  Hopefully we won't have too many more interruptions and hiccups because I want this to be done with. 

I recently read an article about parting with possessions and how to approach it.  One of them had a very Feng Shui approach to it.  If an item doesn't make you happy or give you joy when you look at it, then it's time to get rid of it.  Not sure I can be quite that ruthless, but I will keep that in mind.  I've had a couple of items that I've gotten rid of because they either didn't do that, or quite honestly triggered bad memories.  Who wants that kind of stuff around as a constant reminder?!?!  Not me. 

Keep your fingers crossed for us.  It's going to be a busy couple of weeks!


dollsbetweenus said...

My major efforts this summer have been along these lines. I finished going through all of my clothes. I have been loosely following Marie Kondo's book and I also love Kathi Lipp's Clutter Free book and FB community.
I'm with you on eBay. We have a few toys worth reselling.. like a Disney Animator doll. I don't know where it came from or anything about them, and I can just see problems if some aficionado is disappointed. Plus she doesn't fit in a padded mailer!!

dan said...

the Feng Shui approach is correct and makes me think of how many stuff I should get rid of at home . Of course, as you said, it requires a lot of job.
I think that I will do it little by little during the cold season....

Flo said...

We are moving along, not quickly, but I took two boxes of stuff to charity yesterday, a bunch of computer pieces for recycling (scanner, monitor, keyboards) and our garbage bin was filled to capacity yesterday when they came to collect it. I'm just tired of looking at this stuff and thinking "am I going to use it" when I know I am probably not going to.

We won't even talk about the garage. Mostly not my stuff though!