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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Facebook...You Suck.

I've never been a big fan of Facebook and I make no bones about it.  I think it is a serious time waster, and most of my friends who are on it usually just complain about it.  I hear of countless arguments, being "friended" by someone you don't really like and so on.  I'd never bothered to set up an account because I just didn't care for what I was hearing.

Recently I decided I would sign up for it, primarily to follow a favorite rock band.  I had no real intentions of using it as a "social" kind of thing.  I set up my account, friended a few people that I know and was basically just minding my own business.  It was fun because I'd reconnected with someone who I used to talk to on Twitter all the time and missed when she left.  The fun didn't last long.

I went to log in the day after I started the account, only to discover that my account had been disabled.  They wanted me to do some verification type stuff, and I didn't have an issue with what they were asking for so I did it.  I had to wait a few days and then I could get back in.  And then I was locked out again for "a high volume of activity".  WTH?!  4 friends is a high volume of activity?  I wasn't on long enough to even do anything.  I had to go through the whole process again.  A few days later I was back on...only to be locked out again within 24 hours for the same reason.  As I write this, I'm still waiting to get my account reactivated again.  So I myself can disable it.  I give up.

I'm not 100% sure what the problem is, but I suspect it has to do with my name.  I do not use my exact name as is on any of my government issued paperwork.  If I did, no one would know it is me!  I've never used that name in my personal life, and I find it absurd to think that something that simple would be an issue.  However, upon searching the internet, I find I'm not alone and that things actually are worse for many people than for me.

Facebook has been asking some people to upload images of their government issued ID's just to prove they are who they say they are.  I find this to be absolutely appalling!  In an age where we are told over and over again to be careful with who we share personal information with, I'm shocked that they can even think that this is a bit okay.  It isn't, and as I told another friend, it smacks of the book 1984.  Big brother IS watching...even if only to sell your name to someone who wants to market to you.  Or worse.  I don't get it.  I also question the legality of it.  What makes me even angrier is there are plenty of fake accounts out there on Facebook and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which ones they are.  Even Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, stated his dog has a Facebook account.  A bit hypocritical, don't you think??  And supposedly, all of this security is to protect us.  Sorry, but I don't think so.  I actually know of a person out there who, using her real name on Facebook, stole a bunch of photos from another woman's account so she could catfish someone!  I see it's working real well there.

While mine is just a frustrating situation, as I read several articles on the subject, I came across countless situations where one would not want to use their real name, and I think that there are certainly legitimate reasons for not wanting to do so.  Someone who has been the victim of domestic violence may not want to use their real name.  Someone who is a member of the LGBQT community who has had issues with being harassed may not want to either.  And there are many entertainers who use Facebook who have accounts under their personality name instead of their real name!  How does that work?  Or is it because they are famous, they can get away with it?

All I know is that I give up.  I don't really care anymore.  Something better will come along soon enough and I will sign up for that.  As long as they don't require me to use my "real" name.  Because that isn't ME! Just waiting to get back "in" so I can officially get "out".  Ugh!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Big Clean Out

For the past few years I've been posting about how we've been getting rid of things that we no longer use or have need for.  Overall, we've eliminated a lot of stuff.  Some items have been donated, others sold on Ebay and a few things passed on to friends and family.  But we still have too much.  I've reached that point where I don't even care anymore about selling some of it on Ebay.  The whole process has become such a hassle due to many factors:  increased fees, unscrupulous buyers and the whole packaging and shipping issue.  Enough!

Today we start a full scale clean out on the remaining things around here.  I think the process of cleaning out my father-in-laws house has been a bit of a trigger for this line of thought.  We've been very careful not to bring items home with us that we don't need or genuinely like.  I know in many situations like ours, people end up with stuff that they wouldn't use in a million years simply because they either don't know what to do with it or they feel guilty giving it away.  I'm past that.  I was past that point a long time ago, but with everything we've had going on lately, we got sidetracked. 

One of the things we brought home from my father-in-laws were two recliner chairs.  Both leather and in great condition.  One was needed in the living room and the other for our basement family room area.  We don't use that area all that much, but it will be nice to have some decent seating.  We also brought home a small table that I'd always admired and two very nice lamps.  It will be nice to finally get that part of our house more the way we wanted it.  But there are also things that we need to get rid of to make that work. 

My nephews are coming over to help us move around furniture today.  The rest will be up to us.  I'll be glad when it's done, but it's going to take some serious work.  Hopefully we won't have too many more interruptions and hiccups because I want this to be done with. 

I recently read an article about parting with possessions and how to approach it.  One of them had a very Feng Shui approach to it.  If an item doesn't make you happy or give you joy when you look at it, then it's time to get rid of it.  Not sure I can be quite that ruthless, but I will keep that in mind.  I've had a couple of items that I've gotten rid of because they either didn't do that, or quite honestly triggered bad memories.  Who wants that kind of stuff around as a constant reminder?!?!  Not me. 

Keep your fingers crossed for us.  It's going to be a busy couple of weeks!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

I'm back...I think?!

Hey everyone, it really is me!  I feel like I've been away forever, but it's only been a few months.  I guess because of everything that has happened over those few months, it just makes it seem like forever. 
To say it has been a trying few months would be the understatement of the year.  In that short time I:
A) Ended a friendship (or what I thought was a friendship, thus the reason for prior post)
B) Went on a mini vacation
C) The dog had surgery and managed to pull her stitches out--what a fiasco
D) My father-in-law passed away unexpectedly
E) I got a new car
All sorts of ups and downs, and it didn't help that B, C and D all happened over the period of a week and a half!  To say I've been on an emotional roller coaster is putting it mildly.  We are doing okay though and getting through it.
The past month has been especially trying.  We are in the process of cleaning out my father-in-laws house and we put it up for sale.  We thought we had it sold, but that turned into a fiasco of epic proportions.  In the midst of all of that, we discovered a drain issue that needed attention and I've spent the good part of the last 3 weeks waiting on phone calls as well as for the weather to cooperate so we could get it resolved.  The good news is that it's all taken care of and we can say we had the worlds most expensive hair ball (quite literally what caused the issue!) at $750!  Good help does not come cheap.  However, because I had to be "on call", I've had next to no time to do much of anything fun.  Let me just say that the "NO FUN" period has come to an end, and I plan on enjoying things now! 
The new car has been a nice bright spot in all of this emotional upheaval, although getting it involved a ton of running around.  I really wasn't planning on getting a new car this year, but I had concerns about my car and a problem with the transmission, so we were debating on what to do.  My father-in-law had two vehicles, a truck and a car.  My brother-in-law wanted the car, but no one wanted the truck, and as it was two wheel drive in an area that gets a lot of snow, selling it might take a while.  It didn't help that none of us really had any time to deal with all that goes along with selling a vehicle.  After some discussion, my husband and I agreed that it made more sense for us to take possession of the truck and then trade it in along with my car towards something else.  I figured it might take a bit of time to find what I was looking for as I hadn't really been doing much research.  And then I found a really good deal on a brand/model I had been tossing around, so I decided to test drive it.  Next thing I knew, we were negotiating the whole deal, and now it's mine!  
No more "mom" car:
I've gone back to my signature color, red.  I've had more red cars over the years than any other color and this one just called out to me.  My father-in-law would be thrilled and I can hear him now saying "why didn't you pick a red car?!" LOL  Thanks dad!  I went with a Mazda this time, my husband has a sedan and I love the way it drives, but I wanted something bigger that sat up higher to accommodate my screwed up knee.  I'm just approaching the week mark with it, but I am loving it, I haven't had a car this fun to drive since I sold my Mini. 💓 (which by the way, was also red)
The doll blog is still going strong, I've been juggling things around a bit but I've been keeping it going through all of this upheaval.  Not having time to do all of the things I am used to doing has been driving me bananas, so I'm really looking forward to having the time to work on some of this stuff now.  I have some fun things to post here over the next couple of weeks as well.  Don't panic though if you don't see me around for a bit, I'm probably busy finishing the house clean out, and hopefully that means we've sold the house which will definitely be a good thing!  My husband is hoping it's gone by October 1st because he doesn't want to have to worry about raking all of those leaves (it's seriously insane).  Keep your fingers crossed for us!