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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Closet Cleanout

At the beginning of the year I posted my plan to accomplish 5 things each week.  So far I've done very well with it, and a couple of the things I'm even slightly ahead on.  The only item that has fallen behind is to sew one doll item each week, and that is primarily because it has been so grey and gloomy, I can't see well enough to do a good job of it.  I did manage to get 3 things finished though, so I figure the next day or two where it's nice I can have a good day of catch up on it.  No biggie.  I've managed to make a list of several things I want to make, and none of them are all that complicated, so once I get started, it will be an easy process.

Our bedroom has been cleaned from top to bottom including all of the dressers and my husband's closet.  It is a good feeling to have it done.  This week I plan on doing the same thing with our living room.  This past week though, I decided to tackle something a bit daunting--my own closet. 

I have managed to do a pretty good job when it comes to getting rid of clothing, I assess things fairly often as I do laundry.  But everything else needed gone through seriously and decisions needed to be made.  I hadn't planned on doing it just yet, but I was missing something and I had a feeling it was in that closet!  I was right, but in the process it became very obvious that I needed to spend some time in there and soon.  No time like the present.  Especially since it hadn't been thoroughly cleaned since we moved in just over 6 years ago!

Dirt wise it wasn't terrible.  It's a room that doesn't get a ton of traffic and sweeping all of that up was fairly easy.  My two biggest issues:  shoes and handbags/totes.  A few times over the past weeks I kept telling myself that I had way too many of both.  That was only partially true.

The biggest issue with my shoes is that my collection appeared to have outgrown the shelves and quite a few pair were laying on the floor of the closet.  This drives me bananas.  I took every single box and loose shoe out of the closet and then systematically went through all of them, sorted them into categories (sandals, sneakers, etc)  and then proceeded to put them away.  Three pair ended up in the donation box, the rest I kept.  And surprisingly, just that bit of organization made it possible for me to get every pair on the shelves!  I was really shocked at that part.  Truthfully though, I need to stay away from the shoes for a while and wear some of these out.  It's not ridiculous, I know people who have way more than I do, but I don't want it to get that way.

Bags are my real downfall.  I haven't bought all that many since I quit working, but a couple here and there have come home with me.  The problem is that my tastes have changed and I've finally found that I prefer certain styles much more than others.  I just have a hard time parting with the ones that don't work out!  I decided that I had to do it and with the encouragement of a friend, I was able to really trim my bag collection down to a nice, usable number, and ones that I really did like.  I only had one that I kept that I was on the fence about, and if I don't manage to use it by this time next year, it will be gone as well. 

So now what to do with all of this excess?  I have two small boxes and a bag of stuff to go to charity and another large box of stuff to list on Ebay.  All of that helps me check off more things on my "to do each week" lists.  Yay!  And let me just say that it sure is nice to look in my closet and see the results of my efforts.  I'll let you know how the rest of it goes as the year progresses.  

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