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Monday, December 5, 2016

Gloom, Despair and Agony On Me...

Okay, it's not quite that bad, but whenever things go haywire, I frequently think of that song that they used to do on the TV show "Hee Haw".  I can't tell you how many times over the years that my mom and I would sing it whenever something went wrong.  So what has prompted this?
The Thursday before Thanksgiving, our hot water tank sprung a leak.  We knew it was old, so it wasn't completely unexpected, just bad timing.  $775 later we were good to go again, and we won't have to worry about that.  Not long after that, my husband got some bad news about one of his clients, another hit to the wallet.  And then the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I went to reheat some leftovers.  As I was preparing things to cook, I turned the oven on to preheat.  A few minutes later, I could smell the strong odor of natural gas.  It finally happened, our ancient stove decided it was all over.  Timing is everything.  The new one is ordered, but it won't be here until December 29th, so in the meantime I'm debating on what to make for Christmas dinner that doesn't require baking!
Last night we gave Laney a chew bone.  She loves them, and hasn't had one for a while, so she was really going to town on it.  Then we noticed some blood on it, so we thought perhaps we had better check.  She's missing a front tooth!!!!!  We're not sure if it was caused by the bone and just the rough surface rubbing on the gum caused the bleeding or the tooth actually came out then.  You don't notice it unless you pull back her lip, it's not one of her big canine teeth.  But I couldn't help but have flashbacks of the movie "The Hangover", I've been calling her "Nerdy Hillbilly Dog" ever since.  (If you've seen the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about.)
As Roseanne Rosannadanna would say..."It's always something!" 


dan said...

Do you want to know the news from my part of the world??
My TV set which my husband bought 14 months ago, stopped working last week and my computer won't last long ...

Let's hope for a better end of the week!! :-)

Flo said...

I'm thinking it's just going around, a friend had something stolen and another has been having major car issues. Let's hope 2017 is better!