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Monday, February 15, 2016

Moving Right Along

Here we are, halfway through February.  I can't believe it, a month and a half of a new year already gone.  What has everyone been doing?

I for one have been trying to clean out some stuff.  I say trying because at the moment, Ebay is moving at a snails pace.  I've had a few things go, but other things that I thought would go flying out the door are still sitting in the pile in my dining room.  Ugh.  I'm hoping that it's winter doldrums and the fact that all those folks who got their credit card statements from Christmas are still recovering.  I know many years ago when I worked in retail, January and February were always slow, but once income tax season got underway, we started to see business improve.  Fingers crossed that it will work that way.  In the meantime, I'm still plugging away.

My current project is my kitchen.  Over the past few months I've been paying closer attention when I'm getting into a cupboard and drawer at what is in there that hasn't been used.  We moved just over 5 years ago and I'm looking at things from the "if it hasn't been used since we moved in, it definitely has to go!"  Anything under the 5 year mark has to be evaluated.  I've gone through 3 cupboards and 4 drawers and I already have a large box full of stuff to go to charity.  Collanders I didn't like, a set of pots that the handles get hot on (and burnt me, grrr!), a few kitchen gadgets that didn't work all that well-gone.  I'm probably close to halfway, and I know of a number of other items that will be gone when it's over with.  I think I'm going to need more boxes.

It used to be hard for me to get rid of things, I will admit it.  As I've gotten older though, I tend to look at things from a much more practical angle.  Last year a friend of mine got on a purge kick and she said something that really resonated with me.  If you haven't used it, get rid of it.  Don't keep it with the idea you might need it.  Get rid of it with the thought that if you never need it again, look at the space you gained.  Worst case scenario is that you might have to go buy another one if by chance you did need it.  Chances are you won't!

In the spirit of the title of this post, I thought I'd share a video.  Enjoy!


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Turkey Dinner Redo!

I'm cooking a turkey dinner today.  No special reason.  When they had turkeys on sale around Thanksgiving, I bought a second and kept in the freezer with the idea to cook it sometime during the grey and gloomy days of winter.  Little did I know that it would be such a great idea!
Our Thanksgiving dinner went fine except for one hitch which prevented us from having our traditional dinner of left overs after the holiday.  Everything turned out great...except the gravy.

Because of my wheat allergy, I use corn starch to thicken my gravy.  I've never had an issue before with lumps, but this time it was a bit of a mess.  I put the first round of corn starch in and it didn't seem to thicken AT ALL.  So I did it again, and next thing I knew, I could see these giant lumps forming, yuck.  I got out my immersion blender and managed to "repair" the problem, but the worst was yet to come.  My husband went out to the kitchen to get seconds, and when he came back to the table he said "boy, that's some weird gravy, it has an inch of skin on it already!"  By the time we were done eating dinner, the whole pan had solidified!!!!  My nephew's comment was that I had made "Turkey Jello" for dessert. (Ewwwww)  I left it on the stove until I cleaned things up in the morning and I literally just walked over to the garbage can with the pan, turned it upside down, and solidified gravy came out.  I was not only highly ticked off, but also puzzled as to what went wrong.

After I thought about it, I remembered that the last batch of something I made with gravy in it had issues with minor lumps.  Hmmm...then I realized that when I made that batch, I had some corn starch from an old package and some from the new one I had just bought.  So I got the can out--Clabber Girl, which I had used before with no issues.  Then I noticed something on it that I hadn't seen before: "fortified with calcium".  It really made me wonder, so on my next trip out, I bought a totally different brand of corn starch and next time I made gravy, I used it instead.  No lumps! 

Anyone else ever have an issue with this???  I still have the can of Clabber Girl, I thought maybe I could use it for baking, but now I'm thinking I probably should just toss it in case it's a bigger issue than just the calcium.  Very strange.  Looking forward to my turkey dinner today though...and leftovers over the weekend!!! :)