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Monday, August 31, 2015


Several posts ago I mentioned about cleaning out some stuff in our house.  I've been putting things in the "thrift store" pile since then, and I took a bunch of clothing to another donation center.  Today I decided to tackle my craft room.  Oh dear.

It's the only room that I haven't already done a bit of purging in, and boy does it need it.  I have a bunch of stuff to go to the thrift store, a box of stuff I'm saving for my sister for a sale an organization she is in is having and another box for a friend.  And I'm not even part way done.  In fact, if you were to look in the room right at the moment, you might say "what did she do?"  Truth is I did quite a bit, but there is a long way to go!

I am definitely looking at things with a different eye.  Partially because my interests have changed.  Had I done this a few years ago, I probably wouldn't have gotten rid of nearly as much.  But I realize that some of this needs to go now, and I don't think I will miss it.  And as embarrassing as it is to admit, there have been a few things I've come across and thought "I didn't know that I had that!"

One rule I'm making from here on is this:  no more buying things for a craft project unless I am planning on sitting down and doing it within several days.  Also, no more hanging on to items I would otherwise throw in the trash because "I might be able to make something out of that."  Not that either of these things were horribly out of hand, but they could easily get that way. 

An area where I'm having a bit of a dilemma is photography stuff, primarily negatives.  Since I did a ton of photography for a number of years, I have literally boxes and boxes of negatives.  The slides won't be quite as difficult, I will run them through a viewer and I will know quickly if it's worth keeping or one to toss.  Not quite as simple with negatives.  But the other side to this is what are the chances I will EVER need them again.  I need to think on this, I may save that cupboard for last.

Have you ever tackled a huge cleaning project?  What "rules" did you set in place before, during and after to keep from having things get out of hand again?  Would love to hear what others have done!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Perhaps I spoke too soon???

A few weeks ago I was lamenting the sad state of my veggies.  It seemed as though nothing was going to do very well.  I was right about the onions and the lettuce.  The lettuce we've managed to get two pickings off of and it looks dreadful already, I'm not holding out hope.  The onions I haven't totally given up on.  The tomatoes have done about what I expected, I've had enough so far to make two batches of fresh salsa and I see two more coming up over the next days into the weekend as a bunch of them are turning.  I'm not sure I'll get much more beyond that though, the plants themselves look dreadful and we aren't getting any new blossoms.  Oh well.

The real surprise has been our banana peppers.  We got these in so late that I didn't expect much to begin with, and then the weather certainly didn't help matters.  3 of the plants struggled along for a while and then all of a sudden everything took off.  We had tons of blooms and peppers started to appear.  The first few peppers were small though, but big enough for my salsa recipe.  However, over the past week or so, a bunch of these have taken off, and today I managed to make a decent harvest!

Yes, I managed to pick 10 today!  Now, I have to say that I have 6 plants this year instead of my usual 2, but 4 of these peppers all came off one plant.  The funny part is that the plant that seems to be producing the nicest ones is the plant that I fully expected to die!  Just goes to show that you can never tell.  We should have a few more pickings too, there is plenty of activity going on.  I guess I will be heading to the grocery store tomorrow morning for the ingredients to make sausage stuffed peppers--yummy!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The best things I've ever bought from QVC

I've been a QVC shopper for a number of years, in fact, since not long after I got married.  I've bought a decent amount of stuff from them--I'm far from a QVC addict, but they've gotten their fair share of money from me.  Some things have been flops, most things have been good, but a few things have stood head and shoulders above the rest.  I'm going to share those 3 things with you so that you can try them too if you are interested.  Keep in mind, I'm getting NO compensation from QVC for this post, this is just me raving about 3 products I love!!!

3)  Hookless Shower Curtain  I'd seen them demonstrate how these worked many times, but it wasn't until I'd seen one up close in a hotel we stayed at that I decided to buy one.  WOW!  No more shower curtain hooks for this girl.  It goes on super easy, washes up nicely and wasn't anymore expensive than a traditional shower curtain.  Did I mention no more hooks?? LOL  I didn't keep much from my old bathroom when we remodeled, this was one of the few things that survived.  I need to order another.

2) Ninja Master Prep Pro and Drink Mixer  Another thing I'd watched them demonstrate a few times, hubby happened to be home one day when it was on and said "order it"!  Don't laugh, it was our Valentine's Day gift that year.  I LOVE it!  Great for making drinks, chopping veggies fine, I even make salsa with it.  I recommended it to a friend when she was wanting a new chopper and she loves hers too, she says she has "Ninja Power"!  I've seen these other places as well, but QVC had them first.
1) Emjoi Micro-Pedi Battery Operated Callous Remover  I have to give the hubby full credit for this find, he thought it looked neat, it was highly rated, and he wanted it, so I ordered it for him.  Of course, I had to try it out after he raved about it.  OMG, it is the best!  My feet never looked so good.  I ended up ordering one for myself so now we have "His and Hers".  As of this writing, this product has over 6300 reviews and over 6000 of those are 5 stars, you don't see that very often.  Worth every penny, I would buy it again in a heartbeat. 

That's it, my 3 favorite things from QVC!  If you happen to try any of these or already have them, I'd love to hear what you think about them.  Have a great day!

You can find these products at www.qvc.com  (in case you didn't already know!)