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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Garden Report: I surrender! (waving the white flag)

Two years ago I decided that I was going to have a garden, one way or another.  Not a big one, just enough so that my husband and I could enjoy a few of our favorite things.  We had already had a bad experience with the wildlife in our new neighborhood eating our plants, so I came to the conclusion that container gardening was the way to go, planting the "hot" plants in the built ins and the things that would be attractive to deer and other vermin in planters that could be easily moved.  We had a great gardening season and other than fighting off the crows for the green beans, we enjoyed a nice variety of home grown veggies from June until September.

Last year was just okay.  We had issues with our lettuce rotting, and a tomato plant that completely took over the one planter, keeping anything else from growing.  But we had plenty of peppers and tomatoes to keep us and a friend or two happy.  As long as I could make fresh salsa, I was a happy camper.

This year has been a complete and total disaster.  First we had the winter that didn't seem to want to end, and as a result we were very late in getting some of our stuff planted.  The tomatoes were doing very well, I was incredibly proud of them as I had started this batch from seed instead of buying plants from the nursery.  I had done the same with my peppers, but unfortunately because of where they were going to be transplanted to, we got them in even later than the tomatoes.  We are just now starting to see blooms on them, previously we would have already had one or two pickings off of them.  The tomato plants are full of little tomatoes, just waiting for them to start turning red, but I have a feeling we are not going to get much of a season as the plants are looking horrible now thanks to weather extremes.  And something has been eating at the leaves on one of the pepper plants, I'm tempted just to yank it out to prevent further infestations to the other plants.

Lettuce--what's that???  If we get a bowlful of lettuce, I'll be surprised.  Same problem as last year, too much rain.  And we even watched it like a hawk, moving the planter to safety as needed.  June was the third wettest in the history of this region, we had almost 10 inches!  And my poor onions, they were barely hanging on and this morning my husband discovered that something bit off all the tops but 3, not sure if they are going to bounce back or not.  Bad enough that we had all of that rain, but then when it finally did quit, we had horrible heat, and now we're getting no rain.  It's either feast or famine. 

I'm so disappointed and discouraged.  Not just at seeing my poor plants destroyed and not doing well but I also think of how much money I have invested in this projected.  I had to buy some new planters this year, we needed some new soil and some other stuff--I'm probably out close to $30 or more and I'm going to be lucky if I get $10 worth of veggies.  We won't even talk about the time invested.  I've decided that I'm taking next year off.  Mother Nature is being such a bitch about things and I'm tired of trying to beat her at her own game.  I'll go visit my Amish buddy instead and pay him for his trouble.  I give up. 

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dan said...

What a pity, Flo! But I can understand your feelings...a lot of work and very little results! I hope for a more luck for my geraniums.... :-)