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Friday, July 10, 2015

Rudeness Exemplified!

Two stories in the news recently have me just shaking my head.  Is this how far we've fallen?  At a recent Broadway production, a person in the audience went up on to the stage to plug in his cellphone.  SAY WHAT?!?!  First off, how incredibly rude, but in addition, it's a set, chances are the outlet isn't even real moron!  The second story involved actress Patti LuPone.  In a recent performance, not one, not two but FOUR cell phones went off.  At her second performance of the day, she noticed a woman texting, so she walked off the stage and down into the audience and took the woman's cell phone away.  GO PATTI!  Not only is it horribly rude, but why would you spend that much money on a ticket to a performance and not pay attention.  Tickets to Broadway shows are not cheap, even if you get them at the 1/2 off ticket booth. 

Are we that wrapped up in ourselves that we can't take a break from our phones and enjoy ourselves?  I recently posted about going to two concerts two weekends in a row.  Not only were both enjoyable, but I also noticed one major difference between the two.  The first one catered to folks my age and younger and there were a lot of people with their cell phones out, taking pictures.  I have to say that it wasn't as bad as some I've seen though.  The following weekend the act we went to see was a much older crowd and there were very few photos taken.  I was glad to see that because it was such an enjoyable evening and no one had to deal with someone continually jumping up and down to get that "perfect shot"-which by the way, chances are you aren't going to get with your iPhone, sorry folks.  If you read my post, you saw my crappy pics.  Once I saw them, I wondered why I even bothered.

As a photographer, I'm continually appalled at the rudeness displayed by people just to get that perfect selfie or photo.  Is it really that important?!  Last year I went to two different weddings, one as a guest, the other as the main photographer.  I was floored to see not just cell phones but people holding up their iPads to take photos during the ceremony.  Really?  Do you have any idea how rude and ridiculous that looks?  I've photographed a ton of weddings and even as the paid photographer, I tried to be as discreet as I could and blend in with the background whenever possible.  In fact, the day I decided to hang it up was when I was at the front of the church, taking the photos that I needed to do my job.  I turned around to get out of the way (it was a tiny church) and behind me I discovered no less than 10 guests, also taking photos.  WTF?!

This has gotten completely out of hand, and I totally applaud Patti LuPone for what she did.  Between texting, phone calls and selfies, phones have become an annoyance to so many instead of a convenience.  I think I shocked the heck out of someone one day, we were going somewhere in my car together, my purse in the back seat, and my phone started to ring.  She asked if I wanted her to get my purse so I could answer it and I responded "no, it can wait."  I mean really, stop and think about what did we did before cell phones.  We've become so used to instant gratification that we've turned into a bunch of idiots in the process.  Don't get me wrong, I think cell phones have their place, but unfortunately what started out as a good thing has turned into a bad thing.  I've had a cell phone for 20 years and it has come in handy a couple of times, and now with payphones being a thing of the past, they are almost a necessity for some people.  We just need to quit being stupid with how we handle them. 

That's it, I'm done with my rant.  GO PATTI LUPONE, KEEP TAKING THOSE DAMNED PHONES! 


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Way to get my heart rate up first thing in the morning Flo! Hahahaha! But seriously....I am lost for words...have people lost their minds? Or maybe, just transferred them into little electronic devices? It's sad really. I'm one of the dinosaurs...I've never had a cell phone, and I'm reluctant to get on that train. Have a great weekend!

Flo said...

It is sad, isn't it? I used to think that the videos where they showed people walking into doors and fountains because they were so engrossed in their phones was pathetic, but these two stories take the cake! My husband hates phones in general, he only has one for work purposes and it's annoying enough. I know some of my younger family members think we are dinosaurs too.

dan said...

Mobiles and smartphones have changed our habits and sometimes improved our lives , but...it seems that some people can't establish a limit in their use!