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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Busy as a bee?beaver?one legged man in an a** kicking contest?

After enduring the winter that never seemed to end, we've spent a lot of time just getting caught up on things.  The past few weeks we've had some fun things to do as well.  When we bought tickets for two of these events back in February it seemed like forever away.  Both were a whole lot of fun though, and well worth the wait.

On May 31st we went to see Weird Al Yankovic.  We LOVE Weird Al, this is either the 6th or 7th time we've seen him (we lost track!) and we'll probably go again.  This is where we were heading the day of the little tornado that I mentioned before.  (I apologize in advance for the poor photo quality on some of these, I was more concerned with actually enjoying the show instead of taking photos and was just using my iPod!)

He puts on a heck of a show, I wish I had a fraction of the energy he has.  If you are a Weird Al fan and he's going to be performing near you, I highly recommend going.
On June 6th I got to fulfill something that I guess you'd call a "bucket list" kind of thing.  I've been a fan of Prairie Home Companion since the mid 90's and I always thought it would be fun to go see one of their live performances.  Our original plan had been to go see them in New York City this past spring while visiting family, but the hubby's job changed killed that.  One day I was looking on the website to see where they were going to be, and I was so exited to see that they were going to be in the Rochester, NY area.  It's not like right in our backyard, but closer than NYC, and definitely closer than their home base in Minnesota!  I ordered the tickets the day they went on sale, we had great seats and it was everything I expected it to be and more. 
Before the show, Garrison Keillor and guest singer Heather Masse warmed up the audience with a sing along:

What was really cool is that they wandered into the audience while they sang, the bottom picture I took when they walked past us, at one point I was within several feet of them.  Then they walked down to the stage to get ready to start the show.
The show was very good, my husband asked me later if I thought it was just an exceptionally good show or it seemed like it was because we were there.  I think it was the first, but perhaps I was biased!  I would definitely go again if they were nearby, I'm still hoping they might be in NYC this fall.  I'm just glad that we got to do this because Garrison Keillor is in his 70's and keeps hinting at retiring.  I don't think the show would be the same without him.
Last week I ventured out on a field trip to meet up with one of my fellow doll bloggers.  She and her husband are actively involved with a place called the Coolspring Power Museum, and this past week was one of their big shows of the year.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I thought it was very interesting!  We wandered around the various parts of the museum and she knew a lot about some of the engines and their history, it was nice to have a personal guide.

Again, I apologize for the small size of these photos.  This time it's not an issue with the quality of the camera, but for some reason Blogger won't let me resize them, argh!!!!  What's up with that??  If you would like to see them larger, you can click on them and they will open up, but I don't like this, grrr...
We finally got the last of my plants into their outdoor beds and the seeds for the onions and lettuce in as well.  We've had torrential rains for the past week (or longer) and I was hesitant to move the pepper plants outdoors for fear of them drowning or getting damaged by wind.  Crazy darned weather!  I'll share the progress next week on some of that, I can't wait to show you the tomato plants!
What's new in your world?  After this flurry of activity here, it's now back to normal, day to day stuff.  There are all sorts of things happening locally in the weeks to come, hopefully we will get to enjoy a couple of the festivals and events.  Summer flies by too quickly!


dan said...

Don't remember me that summer flies by too quickly, please!! :-)

You have had a lot to do recently! The only new for me at the moment is that my holidays started and now I am enjoying my days off!!

Flo said...

Yes, it has been busy! Just this morning I was looking at how many miles I'd put on my car since it was inspected at the beginning of May and most of it was from these three trips. Now we can just relax and enjoy the rest of the summer, if it ever quits raining!