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Friday, June 5, 2015

A strange coincidence...

Earlier this week I posted about the tornadoes that ravaged this area back in 1985 and how it was the 30th anniversary this year.  What's that saying--"lightning doesn't strike the same place twice"?  Apparently it doesn't apply to tornadoes!!!

They were forecasting some bad weather on Sunday, mostly just thunder and lightning storms, so we didn't think anything of it.  We got some very heavy rain and what we thought was a typical spring/summer thunder storm, nothing any worse than we've had before.  The dog was upset, but she doesn't deal with storms and loud noises well to begin with, so we really didn't pay any attention.  No warnings went up either on any of the channels for anything beyond a severe thunder storm.  We didn't even have any hail.

We left the house at 5 PM to head towards Pittsburgh, we had tickets for a concert there.  We encountered some really nasty weather on the way, some of the heaviest rain I can remember driving through in a very long time, but there wasn't a lot of thunder and lightning with it either.  I was just glad when we finally drove out of it, visibility was just about non-existent. Still didn't think anything of it.

Not long after we got out of that, I got a text message from my nephew.  "Are you guys okay over there?" (he lives on the other side of the county so we frequently refer to where the other lives as "over there")  I texted him back that we hadn't been home since 5, but last we knew everything was fine.  "Why do you ask?" I texted to him.  He had been watching the news and saw where there was some serious damage to the gas station not far from our house, and that the winds had been so strong, it had flipped a vehicle onto it's side!  We had left going a different way, so we missed seeing the damage, but we saw it when we got home.  Once again, didn't think anything of it. 

You can imagine how shocked we were when we watched the news the next morning and it was officially confirmed that a small tornado had been responsible for the damage.  Of course the significance of the date wasn't missed by anyone.  Our neighborhood was fine, fortunately the area it damaged was very isolated.  I texted my niece later on because it wasn't far from her house.  All either of us had to report was some water in the basement, nothing exciting.  We were lucky!

I think next year when May 31 comes around, I'm going to wrap myself in bubble wrap just to be safe.

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dan said...

A small tornado sounds as terrible weather! I am glad that nothing happened to you and your home!! I hope your sweet dog was inside!!