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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Signs of Spring

Spring is definitely here to stay now, and right now is one of my favorite parts-when everything is starting to come in to bloom, leaves are forming en masse, grass is growing (like crazy) and everything is an intense green, made even more intense by some rain.  The only thing I don't like is the pollen, but I guess with the good you have to take the bad.

Since winter seemed to go on forever, I held off on planting any seeds.  I did finally get something started though, more out of curiosity than anything.  I can always go buy plants if I really want to, but this was one of those things that bugged me.

If you've been following this blog for very long, you may remember 2 years ago I started seeds and got nothing.  I was kind of bummed, but I wasn't sure if the problem was with the seeds or the seed starter.  I suspected the latter as we'd had it for a while.  I didn't throw the seeds out, last year I kind of forgot about them, but this year while shopping at Lowe's, I saw this neat little "greenhouse" type container that came with soil pellets.  I decided to give it a try, it was only a couple of bucks and if it didn't work this time, then I knew I could toss the seeds in the trash and quit wasting my time.

Well, my gut feeling was right and the problem wasn't with my seeds at all!
On the left we have banana peppers and on the right Roma tomatoes.  Whooohooo!  I've already done one thinning on the tomatoes, I'll give them a couple of days and do one more.  The peppers seemed to take forever to sprout but once they did, they really took off, I think if I'd sat and watched, I could have seen them growing over the weekend.  Another couple of weeks and everyone will be moved outdoors to prepare for planting over Memorial Day weekend. 

Last summer I found this cute little container for growing basil in with seeds included (with the lid on it also looks like a little greenhouse), so I started it too.  Good results as well, I will be moving them to a larger pot outside with the rest. I can't wait to have my own homemade Caprese Salad, the only thing I will need to get is some fresh mozzarella and I've actually been wanting to try making my own.  MMMMMmmmmm!!!!

Besides these plants, I also want to start my usual lettuce and I'm going to do a few onions, but not a lot.  Last year didn't go so well with those, but that was partially my fault because I planted the "killer" tomato plant beside them.  Who would have thought it would have grown so large?!  Fingers crossed that my lettuce won't drown this year either, it had done so well the previous.  I know I've said this before, but I love having some of our favorite fresh vegetables just outside our front door, saves me a trip to the store and for the most part, I know that they are not only truly fresh, but not contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals. 

Now for the next step--figuring out what I have to plant everything in and if I need to buy a couple of pots!  The peppers and the onions will go in our built in planters by our front door, I know I have a long narrow planter for my lettuce, but not so sure about the tomatoes, I know a couple of our containers broke at the end of the last two seasons.  I need to get some new soil too, the bag we bought last year wasn't the usual stuff I buy and I wasn't as pleased with the results. 

Have you started planting anything for your garden?  What are some of your favorite things to grow?

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dan said...

I haven't got a garden but I have recently bought some geraniums for my balcony. It's so nice seeing your own plants growing!