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Monday, April 6, 2015

Photo of the Week, April 5, 2015

Since we just celebrated Easter, I thought it would be fun to share photos from Laney's first Easter.  Doesn't every puppy get an Easter basket???  She would have been 8 months old at the time.  You want to know something interesting?  She STILL has those toys! (it's been 6 years.)  She isn't hard on her toys at all, she still has the very first one we bought for her when we brought her home, it's the little blue one in the background.  She chewed the ears off it, but otherwise, it's still in good shape.  She has a rather full bin of toys because she doesn't destroy them, I finally quit buying them because she had so many.  Quite a change from our other dogs, took a bit of getting used to!
Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend!  I just ate the last of the candy we had around, so I guess it is officially over, although I'm debating on venturing out to the local chocolate shop to pick up some 50% off candy.  I LOVE Easter candy, it's probably my favorite, especially since there are so many specially made just for this holiday and you can only get them once a year.


Farrah Lily said...

What adorable photos of your dog! I am the same way about Easter candy..I have been sneaking some from the girls baskets each night as well as my own. ;) I say definitely go pick up more, especially since it's 50% off now!

dan said...

Laney seems to take great care of her stuff! She is the exact contrary of my Bangio who ruins games in a flash!!