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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Grrrrr......(normally I'm a nice person!)

Right now there is a scam going out there that gets me riled up BIG TIME.  It's when someone calls my house, claiming to be computer "tech support" and that there is an issue with my computer. 

First off, they ask to speak to me in a name that I don't use.  I would never register my computer using this name, so that sends up red flags for me.  Second off, we are on the National Do Not Call Registry, so that tells me up front that they are not honest.  I HATE scammers (I'm starting to sound like that car credit commercial!) and I have no time for this kind of crap.

Usually my gut reaction is to just hang up on a call like this.  However, they keep calling!  So I've decided to take a new course of action.  I'm being mean.  I swear at them.  I call them names.  I yell LOUDLY at them.  Then I hang up.  Today I was super nasty.  Maybe someday they will get the hint that they aren't going to get anywhere with me.  In the meantime, I do feel a little bit better.  I do resent having to stop in the middle of what I'm doing to answer the phone.  Yeah, I could let the machine get it, but you and I both know that they will just keep calling anyhow, so I might as well try and nip it in the butt. 

Please read this link though.  I want everyone to be aware of this scam.  There isn't much you can do about it other than ignore it as the majority of these type of phone calls don't originate in the US, so reporting it to the police or other agencies is a waste of time.  Get a real job you bums!!



Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Oh...I hear ya Flo! My husband also gets really angry about these callers, with good reason. They're scammers, and someone unsuspecting could easily get into trouble. One time, he decided to 'play' along. He's a software designer, and he used all sorts of fancy-schmancy computer phrases,never giving away any 'real' information, but stringing them along for quite some time. He wasted their time...just like they waste his. After some time, he said he had to go and would call them back, LOL. The caller was quite upset, and my husband clearly told him what he could do with it! Yes, you are a nice person...one who does not appreciate invasion of privacy!

dan said...

Really annoying, the best thing is ignore them!