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Monday, March 2, 2015

Photo of the week, March 2, 2015

Right after we got Laney, I got this idea to take a picture of her once a month on about the same day for her entire first year so we could see how she changed.  I did really well, I did manage to accomplish that, and I still try to take a photo of her every year on her birthday.  This photo is one of a series that I took of her in March of 2009, she was really in a posing mood that day and it was hard to pick a favorite.  I do have to laugh though, she was very sick of having her photo taken after that first year and for a time she would run whenever she saw me pick up my camera! 

They said on our local news that it's only 18 days until the first day of spring.  Looking out the window I find that hard to believe.  We have been hearing a lot of birds lately though, so maybe?

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dan said...

Laney is posing like an actress...a real star!! :-)