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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Thrift Store, How I've Missed You!

I mentioned before that I haven't done much thrift store shopping lately and how bad the pickings have been.  Today I had arranged to go shopping with my sister-in-law, she has never been to a Red White and Blue and she loves thrift store shopping as much as I do.  Unfortunately she had to cancel at the last minute, sick daughter who needed help taking care of 2 year old-anyone whose ever been sick with a 2 year old around can relate and understand!  We are going to reschedule for later in the month.  I decided to go check it out anyhow, I haven't been there since sometime in the fall (I think!).

I didn't find much, the pickings weren't all that great there either or I'm looking for the wrong things.  However, I did find one thing that made up for that.  This gorgeous Lands End sweater for $3.95!  It's a men's, but I don't care, to me it's a unisex style/design and I just loved it.  It doesn't look like it was worn or washed ever, if it was, I have a feeling it was one of those "let's all wear sweaters that match for the Christmas card photo" deals and it hung in a closet until the wife decided it was time to send it to the donation bin.  Yay for me!

That was all I found there, but I stopped at a Goodwill on my way home and found this goodie for 99 cents:
I'm always on the lookout for little things I can use for my dolls, this was perfect.  The workmanship on it is very good, I think 99 cents was a great price!

Now, I do have to point out that the sweater had one minor issue that might have been the reason it was donated:
Looks like someone snagged it from the inside, maybe with a ring or something.  No biggie, easy to fix.  To the sewing cabinet for the repair kit!!!

No, not Alka Seltzer!!!  (just realized that the container is an antique LOL)

Crochet hooks!  These belonged to my grandmother, she was really in to super fine crochet work.  When she passed away, my mom made sure that she kept these, and when my mom passed away, they were in her sewing stuff which I inherited and I was thrilled to death to get them.  They are terrific for doing little repairs like that, you just use them to reweave the pull in to the existing materials and you're all set.  I should have taken a photo of it afterwards, but didn't think about it until after I'd already taken it downstairs and put it in the washer.  You'll just have to take my word for it, it looks fine.  ;)


dan said...

You are right Flo, the sweater really has an unisex style and it looks warm and soft so you will use it often in cold winter days!
The small basket is cute!!

Flo said...

It's freezing cold here right now Dan, yesterday it was 10F (not sure what the Centigrade/Celsius equivalent is). I decided to wear it and I was toasty warm, in fact almost too warm. Definitely worth the money! I found one for sale on Ebay and the original price was $119, so I think I got a great deal.

dan said...

Wow! Then it was a great pick!! :-)