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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

This is just gross

I'm not a germ-a-phobe.  In fact, I think some people are far too obsessed about germs and that the general obsession with anti-bacterial soaps and such are creating more harm than good.  However, a recent segment on the Today show grossed even me, the non germ-a-phobe out. 

Lots of reports have been done about the places in hotel rooms that have the most germs.  This one took it to a different level.  They rented a room and then made it appear as though they had stayed there.  They messed up the linens, poured soda pop in a glass and drank it, then left.  Before they left they had set up hidden cameras to record just what the cleaning personnel did.

Cleaning personnel-that's a joke and a half.  They did strip the sheets as requested by the card the reporter left behind.  But they left the dirty pillow cases on!!!!  I know in my own home that the pillow cases are by far the dirtiest thing when I change my own bed.  You sweat on them, hair oils accumulate, most people drool, etc-yuck.

It gets better though.  When cleaning the bathroom, they put the dirty glasses in the sink and ran water in them.  That's it, no soap, sanitizer, didn't wash them at all.  Then they proceeded to dry them-WITH A DIRTY TOWEL THEY PICKED UP OFF THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!  I was totally grossed out at that point.  In the one video they had used this towel to wipe off the toilet before hand and then wiped the counter off as well.  OMFG.  And not a cleaning supply in sight.

Of course, when confronted with this, the hotel management claimed it was an "isolated incident".  Isolated my ass.  They checked several chains and this was an issue at quite a few.  Makes me never want to stay in a hotel again.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  Basic hygiene practices escape a lot of people.  Common sense does too.  A few times when my washer or dryer have been out of commission, I've found myself at the laundromat.  Some of the stuff people put in the washers together is just unbelievable.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen dish towels mixed in with underwear.  I couldn't help but think "thank god I'll never be going to that person's home to eat".

Bet Jeff Rossen was wishing he hadn't drank the Coke out of that glass!

If you would like to see the full report, go to http://www.today.com/money/hotel-maids-how-much-how-little-do-they-really-clean-1D80287464

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