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Monday, September 22, 2014

Photo of the Week, September 22, 2014--and a mystery solved (sort of)

This isn't a spectacular photo, but I think it's just cool.  How many times do you get to see Niagara Falls made out of Lego's?!?!  This was taken at Brick City, a Lego devoted museum in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  They have lots of other displays, but I thought this was appropriate since it was right there.

The mystery--where all of these harassing phone calls started trying to sell me health insurance.  I was really concerned about the fact that they not only had my name and phone number, but my e-mail address as well.  Today I FINALLY got my answer.  What the idiot at the Federal Trade Commission told me was only partly true.  All of the call aren't scam calls.  This morning I got a phone call from another person trying to sell me insurance.  This guy sounded as genuinely confused as I was annoyed when I told him that I wasn't looking for health insurance.  He asked where in the world they might have gotten my name from and I told him about looking online over a year ago and being bombarded with calls, but that I hadn't done that again.  He said that was more than likely where it originated this time too.  He said the websites that offer this "service" (yeah right, some service) get paid for each referral by each company whether you actually buy something or not!  I'm sure that some of the scam ones pay them too just to get your info, they aren't going to go to each one and verify that they are a legitimate company or not.  They just want their money.  He said they will re-submit old information from their data base just to get more money.  Argh!

He actually couldn't have been any nicer, said he would remove my name and number from their records and also told me that the only real way to get it to stop is to answer each call and tell them to remove you from their list.  Basically the same thing the guy from the FTC told me, but at least this guy had an answer for me as to how they got my information.  If it happens again, I will just change our phone number, hate to do that, but it's the only way I can think of to get it to stop once and for all.  Since I have absolutely no idea what the website was that I submitted it through originally, I am stuck at this point.  I really hate computers some times...

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dan said...

Funny to see the Niagara falls made out of Lego's!
I can understand your disappointment about receiving all those phone calls!