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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thrift Store Finds

I realized this week that I haven't done a thrift store finds post in ages-probably because I haven't been to the thrift stores much the past couple of months!  I've really been stuck at home more than usual the past two or three months due to circumstances beyond my control.  First, the AC quit right in the middle of the worst heat wave we've had here all summer.  The only way I could keep the house cool was to leave everything open and run fans.  I won't leave the house with fans running and I couldn't exactly leave Miss Laney without a fan, so that kept me home for the better part of a week.  Then the bathroom remodel, then I was sick, then I spent 2 weeks cleaning up from the remodel-time flies when you're NOT having fun?!  I did manage a few quick pop ins to our local Goodwill store and at some point I did make it to one in New Castle.  I haven't bought a ton, but that has been a bit deliberate.

First off, I'm really working at not buying any clothing.  My closet has been just about bursting at the seams.  I'm not a happy camper when I have so many clothes in there that they are getting wrinkled >:(  Since the beginning of the summer I've only bought a handful of things, primarily some shorts that I really did need and those didn't come from a thrift store unfortunately.  Second off, we really don't need anything.  I'm still working on clearing out a lot of unused/unneeded items from our home.  Because of all the things we had going on, I wasn't doing much on Ebay either, so as a result I felt a bit guilty when I did buy anything.  I am getting back to that now, I sold 9 things this month, so I feel much better.  I've also taken some stuff to Goodwill to donate and I'm currently working on two more piles, another for Goodwill and one for consignment.  My closet is starting to look the way I want it to again.  It's all good.

Let's see, the last thing I shared with you were the things we bought on vacation, and the dessert plates I bought shortly after that.  I've mentioned that I've been doing a lot of stuff with American Girl dolls lately, and I had it in my head to keep an eye out for something I could transform in to a little dresser for them.  I figured it would take me a while before I found something that worked, so you can imagine how surprised I was when I came across this:
It was missing a leg and some of the rhinestones, but that didn't matter.  It ended up looking totally different by the time I was done with it.  I was happy with how it turned out and if you would like to see the finished product, you can check it out here on my other blog.  It only cost $3.99 and I had very little invested in materials to redo it, so I was pleased.
Shortly after that was when I made the quick run to the Goodwill in New Castle.  Not much to be had there other than another cover for my iPod.  It was marked down too, so I was excited!  I don't know why iPod covers have become so hard to find, the only ones I've found anywhere have been on Amazon, and this particular cover starts out at around $24-ridiculous for a piece of plastic.  $3.50 is much more in my price range and it was brand new.  I laughed though, I decided to go get lunch afterwards and spent more on that than I did shopping.
Then it was time for a long dry spell, I bet it was no less than a month in between visits, probably closer to 6 weeks.  My next visit was a trip with a purpose.  I've been making doll clothes, and I have discovered that finding nice knit material for making t-shirts and the like for sewing is difficult.  I don't know why, but the fabric stores around here have very little, and what they do have is expensive.  And usually prints too large to use for doll clothes.  I took a page out of my mom's book and headed to Goodwill.  She used to buy evening gowns in thrift stores to turn in to doll clothes.   I wasn't even thinking about the fact it was 1/2 off Friday, but I ended up with two t-shirts for $3.29, yay!  The one most definitely wouldn't fit me, it was about two sizes too small, but the other one I bought thinking if it fit me great, if it didn't, cut it up!  The one did fit so it is currently hanging in my closet, but it still might turn in to doll clothes.  The jury is still out.
About a week later I went back because I remembered two shirts in the men's department that I thought would work well for another doll clothes project.  Surprisingly they were still there, but on closer inspection I decided they wouldn't work out as well as I first thought.  Oh well.  I did find another shirt though that was one my husband would really like.  The size was border line, but I bought it anyhow, figuring if it didn't fit, I could (you guessed it) turn it in to a doll dress.  This really is turning in to a sickness...you know it will be really bad when I start cutting up our regular clothes.  Anyhow, on this trip I also found something else that I knew he would love:
My husband has been a University of North Carolina fan for as long as I have known him, and when I saw this mug for 99 cents, I knew without a doubt it had to go home with me.  It had an ink mark in the bottom that suggested whoever had it before had used it on a desk to hold pens.  The NCAA sticker on the bottom was still intact though, so beyond that, I don't think it had been used for anything else.  I was right, he loved it!  I ran it through the dishwasher and it came out sparkling clean.  I did a little research and these mugs sell new for anywhere from $17 - $20 --I think I did well :)
Earlier this week I got the bug to go to Pittsburgh to check out Red White and Blue.  I hadn't been there since Heather and I went in March, wow.  I hurried up and got the things done around the house that needed to be taken care of and headed out.  I decided ahead of time that I would only go to the one and depending on the time, would stop at the Goodwill not far from there on the way home.  I was primarily looking for doll type stuff, and I did well in that department.  I found some Onesies to refashion for doll t-shirts, a cute little Bath and Body Works container that was doll sized and a horse!  The horse needs work, but nothing I can't tackle.  (more about those finds on Say Hello To My Little Friends as well).  I also found something completely unrelated doll-wise, but I had to have it for one of my other collections:
An authentic Department 56 building for $3.99, whoo hooo!!!  It is a wedding shop, I had never seen this one before.  It was discontinued quite a while ago, but originally sold for $60.  I started buying Department 56 buildings about 15 years ago, I don't have a ton of them because I am really particular about which ones I buy, but I couldn't pass this one up.  It needs a little bit of cleaning up, but otherwise is in perfect condition.  I haven't set up my Christmas village for a couple of years, I guess I have to now ;)
Have you found anything good at your area thrift stores?  I think I'm going to take one more day soon and hit a bunch of them,  I need to do some planning.  I figure once the kids start school will be a good time to go, I won't be competing with them in the toy department.  Until then...

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dan said...

I should stop buying clothes too, as I don't really need new ones, but...there are too many temptations around!
The wedding store is very cute!