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Monday, August 25, 2014

Photo of the Week, August 25, 2014

This is Blockhead, the star of "The Untrained Dog Show".  He is part of the act known as "Fool Hearty" along with Marquise and Ima Nutte.  We got to see this show a couple of years ago at The Great Lakes Medieval Faire and totally loved it.  Of course, we are a little partial to herding dogs ;)

I'm not sure if Fool Hearty is still performing, their website doesn't have any updates beyond 2012.  If you do go to a renaissance festival and see them listed as one of the acts, try and see them, they are very unique.  Renaissance festival season is in full swing in this part of the country, Great Lakes just ended last weekend and the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival just started this weekend and runs through the end of September.  The other side of the state has a really big one in the Harrisburg/Lancaster area along with several scattered around other nearby states.  If you get a chance you should go, they are really a lot of fun!

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