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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The big reveal, ta-da!!!

It's done!!!!!!  Everything was finished up by the contractors yesterday about 3:30.  I took my first shower in my new bathroom at 6:15!  It was wonderful AND relaxing.  I just wish it would have worked as far as helping me sleep, I've had a terrible time sleeping through the night the last two nights, not sure what is up with that.  I'd better sleep tonight or I'm going to be one of those people no one wants to be around tomorrow.

Anyhow-thought I would share a couple more pictures of how bad things were before we started:
I put this one in so you could get a better view of the light fixture on the wall above the mirror and the mirror itself-the only two things we kept for the new bathroom.  I love that giant mirror for putting on makeup and doing my hair, and the light fixture is kind of retro and has 6 (yes 6) bulbs in it, so it's like being in a Hollywood dressing room when they are all working.  Oh, and the ceiling was kept, but they textured it so it isn't pink anymore ;)

 Not only were these pink tiles ugly, but they periodically liked to join us in the shower!!!  The toilet paper holder was falling off too because the piece of wood it was attached to had let go from the wall since it was only glued.  Argh!!!

Here you can see the lovely mess made from not having a ceiling fan!!  Throw in some incorrectly installed tiles, and you have a really big mess.  Especially in a 1950's/60's bathroom that was never intended to have a shower in it in the first place.  The contractor said they see a lot of this, and because of the moisture damage, it's best to tear it all out and start over so that there is no chance of mold or other things rearing their ugly head.  Plus the kind of shower stall we put in actually anchors to the wall studs and you put the dry wall up around it. 

This is where we were at as of Saturday--toilet in so we could use it (very nice to have for those late night potty runs!), shower in but not functional, walls in but not painted.  Still needed the flooring too.
And here we are!!!!!
The green is a little brighter than our inspiration photo, but it was a compromise.  I had chosen everything, so I let my husband have some of a say in the paint color.  He loves green, and since it was close to what I had in mind I figured what the heck.  I know it can always be painted somewhere down the road if we get tired of it.  At first I was like "whoa!" once they got it on the walls, but now I really like it, especially now that we have some of the other things in there.  I need to figure out what I would like to put above the toilet besides just that towel bar, I'm trying to think about some of my photos I've done and what would work well there.
This is the shower stall--it is just slightly deeper than a standard size bathtub and just as wide.  We still have one grab bar/towel bar to go across the wall, if you look close you can see a pencil line that is a marking for them when they go to put it in.  Unfortunately it was out of stock (figures) but it supposed to be in in the next week or so.  They are going to be renovating the bathroom in the house right next door to us in the next several weeks, so it all worked out.
I just had to share with you  picture of the shower head.  All I could think of was Kramer from "Seinfeld" when I saw it.  It is very nice and the pressure is adjustable.  I also was excited to find out that they made grab bars that matched all of our fittings, it was worth the couple of extra bucks so that it looked finished instead of institutional.  I'm not thrilled about getting older and installing these things, but now was the time to do it, and I figured I might as well make it look good too.
Today I spent most of my day putting all the stuff back in the closet.  I had thrown out a lot when we emptied it, today I threw out even more!  Amazing all the stuff you accumulate, and we've only been here 4 years.  Some of it was stuff we moved with us, and it's all sorted and organized now.  Or in the trash.
It was a week and a half of mess and hassle, but so worth it.  Hopefully one of those things we won't ever need to do again either.  I figure if the previous one in it's badly assembled state lasted more than 50 years, we ought to be good until we die.  We'd better be!


Gwen said...

Everything looks great, Flo! New window too?

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

FANTASTIC!!! And,of course, I absolutely love the colour! Well done!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

LOVE IT!! Great job!!