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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Target, I am so done with you!

Several weeks ago I posted about a trip to Target that left a bad taste in my mouth.  In all honesty, most of the issues I had were not Target's fault, but the fault of bad parenting.  However, since that incident, I've had a continuing issue with Target that has completely ruined my opinion of a company that I once really liked. 

The original trip was to buy a doll armoire and an accessory set that had a sewing theme.  First off, the doll armoire was seriously damaged once I got it home.  The box had some marks on it but I didn't think much about it, wouldn't most people assume that there would be more protecting something that large and heavy besides just the cardboard box?  WRONG!  All that was "protecting" it was a thin sheet of foam.  The following morning I drove back to the Target store I purchased it at, and when I told the lady at the service desk why it had been damaged, she was as appalled as I was at all the more protection the item had.  She even suggested that I write a letter to the company that made it, but now that I have had further experience with Target and their lack of caring, I've decided writing a letter would be akin to spitting in the wind.  (This is an item made specifically for Target.)

The other item, the sewing set, was not available at this Target, despite the fact that their website said it was.  Hmmm.  I checked the website before I left, and I checked it after I returned home and it still said it was there.  It wasn't.  Not a big deal, I'll try another Target store.  I had to go to another one anyhow to repurchase the armoire that I wanted since the damaged one was the last one they had.  I had checked inventory at that store before I decided to go there and it said that both items were in stock.  The armoire was there, but once again, no sewing set.  This was getting annoying, so I sent a letter to Target explaining that I felt that they needed to look in to their online inventory program, that there was obviously an issue with a very detailed explanation of my experience.  This is what I got back:
We know you’ve come to expect great guest service from Target® and Target.com and we’re sorry that you had difficulty using our 'Find it in store" feature online.
Here's some information that will help you. Were you aware that store can hold an item for you?
You can click the Find in Store button to see whether an item is available at a store near you. Just enter your ZIP code or city and state and click Search to see a list of stores near you that have the item in stock. If you need directions, click See the Map and Details.
You can also give the store a call to confirm the item's availability and find out if they can hold it for you until the end of the day. To make things easier, give the team member the nine-digit DPCI number when you call.
We’re doing everything we can to improve our site and the service we give you. Your comments are a big part of helping us get better.

Seriously?  Did they even read what I sent them?  I DID use the "Find In Store" button.  It told me it was there--it wasn't.  And the option of "store pickup"--not available on this item.  I even gave them the item number in the e-mail I sent.  Instead of actually looking in to this fail, you try to belittle me?  Gee thanks.

About a week later I had a trip near the second store I tried so I decided I would look again, checking inventory before I left, according to the website, it was there.  And as before they didn't have it.  What made it even worse was seeing the disappointment in a little girl there who was looking for another item that she had also checked online for and not finding it.  It broke my heart hearing her say "but mom, it said on the website that it was here!"  I thought she was going to cry.  It ticked me off.

I've since gone to two more Target stores looking for this item, checking the online inventory BEFORE AND AFTER.  Both times it said it was available.  Both of those times I didn't find what I was looking for.  The most recent incident was yesterday.  I also looked at 4 or 5 items online this morning to see if it said they were in stock.  It did.  I can assure that the Target store I was at yesterday had NONE of these items in stock.

So Target, tell me--what's the point in offering this on your website if it's not going to be accurate EVER?  And why did your employee who answered my e-mail feel that it was okay to treat me like an idiot in their response.  FYI--I used to work in retail.  The last thing you do is make the customer feel like they did something wrong. 

The nearest Target is about 20 minutes from my house, and I was willing to drive there because Target had interesting merchandise.  I've noticed over the last few years that they are just turning in to Walmart now.  The uniqueness is gradually disappearing.  And this whole incident over a toy has left a very, very bad taste in my mouth.  You can't even order this item online, it's only available in store, but you don't have it, even though your online inventory keeps telling me you do.  At nearly $4 a gallon for gasoline, I'm not going to bother driving to Target anymore.  In fact, even if you built one near me, I don't know that I would go now.  You've alienated me to the point that I don't care if I EVER set foot in one of your establishments again.  I'm not alone either.  You need to start paying attention to your customer base and their displeasure with your company.  It's a highly competitive world out there in retail right now, and you aren't keeping up.  In the words of Anne Robinson-"GOODBYE!"

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dan said...

It is disappointing to see that some brands dedicate little cares to their customer services...