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Monday, July 14, 2014

Photo of the Week-July 14

Getting the week off to a good start by actually doing this on Monday-wow!  Now that I have two blogs, I decided that I need to get on a schedule as far as posting on both of them.  This is a beginning.

My husband and I are both fans of Indy Car racing, we've been to the Indianapolis 500 sooooo many times we've both lost count.  Another track we liked going to for Indy racing was Michigan.  Unfortunately they no longer run there, I hope they eventually bring it back.  Michigan is a nice track, easy to get around and truthfully not a bad seat in the place.  This was a pit stop of one of my favorite drivers, Dario Franchitti.  He had to retire last year due to a serious injury, but is still involved in motor sports from the sidelines.  It has been hard for me this year knowing he isn't driving, but I'd rather he be healthy. 

Bathroom remodel is progressing nicely, I should have photos of a finished room to share at the end of the week.  Getting excited now!!

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dan said...

I have seen about Indianapolis car racing on tv. Of course seeing the race live must be much more exciting!