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Friday, July 25, 2014

Have you tried these?

I've seen a lot of ads for the new Lancaster chews and I've been curious about them.  I love caramels, these looked really good to me.  I hadn't been anywhere lately that had them, on Wednesday I needed to run a few errands and was excited when I came across them on an endcap.  First I was going to get just the plain caramel, then I noticed a caramel/vanilla swirl--and then vanilla AND RASPBERRY--decision made!  These are so good, I am addicted.  They remind me of a chewy version of the LifeSavers cream candies they used to make, anyone else remember those?
Not much going on around here at the moment, I was sick earlier this week.  Nothing serious that some antibiotics wouldn't take care of but it definitely slowed me down.  Mostly I've been getting things sorted in the new bathroom and working on getting my energy back so I can do some serious cleaning around here.  Now that all of our busy stuff is done and over with I can get back to some serious Ebay stuff, I really need to because the box collection is taking over my spare bedroom!  I have some larger items that I needed boxes for and then I got side tracked with everything that has been going on and they just kept "reproducing".

The garden project has been interesting to say the least.  The weather has not been cooperative at all.  We've had so much rain that my lettuce has been a horrible disappointment.  The same day I bought the Lancaster chews I did find some lettuce seeds so I may replant.  My peppers are doing okay, hopefully next week we will have our first dinner of those.  The onions are doing terrible thanks to an over-zealous tomato plant that has taken over and is shading them.  Hopefully all of the little tomatoes and buds on there will produce something, we will be eating tomatoes in everything in a few weeks if it does.  I planted cherry, roma and beefsteak tomatoes this year, we've had samplings off the cherry and roma plants, the beefsteak is the one that has turned in to the monster plant.  Some of them are getting some size to them, so I'm thinking we might get to try them soon.  Mmmmm!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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