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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cleaning: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

This week I am doing a deep clean of my living room.  I normally do this every spring, but I put it off knowing that we would have some mess from the bathroom remodel.  Wow, am I ever glad I waited!  Our living room isn't huge, but I knew that the dust and dirt would stir up my allergies, so I mentally divided the room up in 6 different things/areas to clean.  Today is section 4 which is the wall where our bookshelves and entertainment center are.  Lots of little things on those shelves that will need wiped down and cleaned too, last night I at least had the foresight to put some of the glassware and pottery pieces in the dishwasher.

The Good:  We sure have a lot of DVD's and VHS tapes as well as CD's.  And I had to dust each and every one of them-yuck!  Some weren't bad as they were in storage bins but others were just gross.  As I was cleaning these I came to the decision that when our Amazon Prime membership expires at the end of the year, I'm going to hold off renewing it and we are going to watch all of these and at the end of each viewing, decide if it's worth keeping or donate it.  The good is that we will save some money by not paying for a streaming service while doing this!

The Bad:  Too many books!  But not as many as we used to have.  I really went through them a few years ago before we moved, but I realized that they needed some further purging.  When I was done I had a box of books that I immediately took to the Goodwill before I could change my mind.  With the advent of digital media we've bought way fewer books than we have in the past and now I have them all in the small built in bookcase.

The Ugly:  When my mom passed away, I ended up with her photo album.  Things were kind of crazy at that point, I just took it home, set it on a shelf and a few months later when we moved stuck it on a new shelf.  Yesterday as I was cleaning where it was I decided to look at it.  Good thing I did!  It's one of those old "magnetic" style albums (remember those?) and it is disintegrating.  Fortunately it hasn't affected the photos much, so I'm going to systematically pull them all out and put them in something else that is safer.  There is even some mold in the album, not sure where that came from, but definitely don't want that around any more. 

The really good thing is that we've done a really good job of purging things we don't need, use or like over the years, so other than the box of books, I really haven't had much to get rid of.  Most of what we have are things that have personal meaning-photographs, mementos from travels and things that we really like.  It makes me feel good knowing that while some days I feel like I haven't accomplished much in our purge, I really have made a ton of progress.  It's coming along.

Tomorrow I'm going to scrub the area rug, kind of looking forward to that because it means I either have to find something else to do afterwards or go somewhere since I don't want to walk on it for several hours.  I haven't decided which it will be yet.  Saturday I will take the curtains down and wash them and clean the giant window.  The only reason I don't already have that done is because I need help taking the curtains down and putting them back up.  I'm also going to make my husband help me rotate the area rug, definitely something else I can't do by myself.  Then we will be done for a while!  :)

Next week I'm going to tackle the kitchen and the dining room.  Both of them ended up with some dust and dirt from the remodel, but not nearly as much as the living room because of the way the house is set up.    Thank heavens I was able to close the doors to the bedrooms!!! 

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dan said...

I always try not to pile up too many stuff at home! And divide a large room into smaller areas to clean is a smart idea!!