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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Nightmare Trip to Target

Tonight I decided to make a quick trip to Target to pick up 3 items that I saw online.  The closest Target is 15 miles away.  Two of the items I verified online that they were in stock, the third I couldn't, for some reason it wouldn't work with that particular item.  I took my chances anyhow.  I should have stayed home.

When I got there, I of course got sucked in to the $1 area--that place is dangerous.  I found two things there that I wanted, they were actually things I needed-yay!  And then I went to put them in the cart.  You can imagine my horror when I looked in the area with the child seat and found this rather large brown smear.  I'm not sure if it was mud, tar or poo that had leaked out of a diaper (or worse), but I wasn't taking any chances and I switched the cart.  Of course, I couldn't find an employee to show it to either so it could be cleaned, so I left it behind, hoping that some innocent person wasn't "victimized".  Yuck.

The three items I went for were in the toy department, so I headed there.  I found one of the items, then the other, but was still looking for the third when two little girls arrived in the department.  Oh my gosh, talk about annoying.  I don't know if they'd had too much sugar or what, but they were in super hyper mode, and the mothers were doing nothing about it.  Then it got worse.  They each found things they wanted, but were told no, they weren't getting anything.  Now who takes a kid to the toy department if they aren't prepared to buy something?  But what made it really bad is the little girls threw full out temper tantrums, screaming, etc--and the mothers didn't do a thing.  They tried to reason with them--oh puhleeze, you can't reason all that well with a 4 - 5 year old.  I left the department and looked around the store for a while--a long while, and they were still there!!!!  What I thought was going to be a 20 minute trip in the store turned into 45 minutes.  Luckily I was able to resist putting anything else in my cart and stuck to my list (other than the 2 $1 items).  I did finally get back there without the screaming children, and unfortunately I didn't find the last item I had been looking for so that was a complete waste of time. 

I headed for the checkouts, hoping that the wild screaming children had left--no such luck.  I did find a line open besides the one they were in, but I did pay attention.  To give you some idea of just how bad these kids were, the woman who got in line behind them ended up moving to another LONGER line, I noticed her make a face just before she moved.  Wow.

To top it all off, after I got home, I opened the one item to check it--and it's seriously damaged, and now I have to take it back.  It wouldn't be so bad, except it's extremely heavy, so much so that my husband had to help me get it out of the car.  ARGH!  Now I know why I don't go to Target very often.  The kicker--I went back in to the website and checked the item I wasn't able to get at this store and it tells me that it is there.  I can assure you that it was not.  So I checked several items in the same category, and it was telling me that several items that were available at that store and I know for a fact they were not.  So what was the deal--inaccurate information in their computer system, or items sitting in the stock room?  I encountered that with ToysRUs last year, I actually made them go look and sure enough, there was the item I was looking for--not just one, but 6, all sitting in the stock room.  What made that one even worse was the fact that these were items that had been reduced because they had been in stock too long--how do you expect to sell them if you don't have them available for customers.

And we wonder why some of these retail chains are struggling?????

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