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Monday, June 23, 2014

It's all in the "little" details!

I'm still working on some stuff for my American Girl diorama, it's definitely been taking over a lot of my thoughts!  I've been doing some research online as well, getting ideas of things I want to do (and some I don't!).  I came across a really cute website that not only gave me some great ideas, but also for a couple of things to look for that aren't actually made for American Girl, but can easily be adapted.  I'm so my mother's daughter, she was always looking at things small enough to use in her dollhouse and I find myself doing the same.  This weekend I found some great stuff and didn't spend a lot, now I'm getting really excited about setting this all up. 

First I made a trip to Michael's crafts, I don't go there often since the nearest one is 20 minutes away, but thanks to info I found at American Girl Fan, I decided a trip was in order.  I not only found the cute little clipboards I was looking for but some other stuff that would work great in my doll "bedroom".
 Left to right: the little clipboards which are the perfect size--$1 each.  Mini wooden spools, on clearance for 49 cents that I will use on a project I have in mind.  Mini calendar-$1.  I liked that it had no year on it, so it can be used indefinitely and was even happier after I got it out of the package and found that the month pages are heavy cardstock, so they will hold up.  Mini sewing kit-$1, also for future project.  Mini lunchbox-$3, and mini gift boxes, 6 on clearance for 79 cents.  My trip cost me just a little over $8, I think I did well.

One of the things that I saw at Michael's I really wanted, but the $8.99 price tag stopped me.  Then I remembered seeing the same thing at JoAnn's and I remembered that I had a 40% off coupon.  They were cheaper at JoAnn's to begin with ($7.99) and with my coupon, I ended up only paying $4.79:
Aren't they cute?  I plan on putting them in a bin or small basket, I'm going to make faux knitting needles from two wooden skewers cut down to size.  I love this little package of yarn for so many reasons too, I can't tell you how many times I've just needed a small piece of yarn for something and ended up having to buy a large skein that then just sits around and collects dust.  I figure next time I'll just come and swipe one out of this! 

Last but not least--a trip to the dollar store.  Dollar Tree frequently has stuff that can be repurposed for this kind of project and this time around I really lucked out.
Each of these items only cost me a dollar--the two pink bins will make cute under-the-bed storage boxes, the pink shot glasses can be used as flower pots, the blue bins will be used as laundry baskets, I'm going to put some sort of picture in the frame and the nail art bottles will look cute sitting on the dresser with other beauty items.  I even have a use for some of the stuff in the bottles for another project, so double score on that one!  $5 for all of this, and I'm going to have leftovers on the little bins and shot glasses that I can use for other things.  I like having small containers for when I'm working on craft projects such as card or jewelry making, not a thing will go to waste.

For all of this stuff I spent just over $18.  Might sound like a bit much for a doll project, but I got a lot for my investment.  If you have ever priced actual American Girl clothes or accessories, you know that $18 will barely get you one thing, so I think I did very well.  Plus I got to exercise my creativity which is always a good thing.

If you are someone who loves making stuff for dolls of different sizes, you have to check out My Froggy Stuff, it is probably one of the coolest websites I've ever seen with tons of original ideas on things you can make yourself.  I'm still amazed at the mini blender she makes out of a pump bottle and the little stereo out of a body wash lid--wow!  She has so many great ideas, I don't even know where to start. 


dan said...

Very nice small stuff which are perfect for your doll house!
It's such a cute project to full their rooms with tiny delightful objects!!
I am very curious to see the whole house...

Flo said...

Thanks Dan for all of your kind comments in relation to my doll projects! I'm having so much fun with them, it's really something I love. In fact I'm having so much fun that I'm thinking about starting a 2nd blog that will be just devoted to doll related stuff-stay tuned!