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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Long Weekend Approaches

Memorial Day is almost here, signaling the official start of vacation season/summer for most of us in the US.  It's also a three day weekend for the majority of American's--whoo hoo!!  I've been busy catching up on all sorts of stuff around here since we got back from vacation, so I too am going to use it as a weekend to relax and do stuff outdoors.

Last week was kind of crazy, getting caught up on laundry, putting the house put back together (it was clean before we left, honest!), getting groceries stocked up again.  I even photographed a wedding!  In between all of that I did manage to squeeze in a trip to the nearby Goodwill store and look what I found:
5 small plates, dessert size I guess.  They aren't the same brand as the others, these are Oneida, but as my old boss would say "the man on the galloping horse wouldn't notice!"  49 cents each--now if I could just find some dinner plates or bowls.  I'm thinking I might mix these with something in another color, red or turquoise came to mind.  Here's a shot of the two different plates so you can see the difference, the pattern and color are just slightly different, but not enough to matter.
This week has also been busy, I feel like I'm finally getting caught up from being on vacation.  I've been doing assorted things, yesterday I did some alterations on some dresses I bought, today I need to hem some pants for the hubby (I hate hemming pants), and other odds and ends.  I want to get all this little stuff done so I can get back to some fun projects.  I've got a list of things I want to do written out, just need the time. 

The only thing I do want to accomplish over the weekend is getting my vegetables planted.  I picked up some tomato and pepper plants this week while I was out, now it's just a matter of getting them in their homes.  We are so far behind in comparison to last year, I actually shared gardening pictures on May 3, this year the weather has been so uncooperative for any kind of gardening.  I'm still excited to get started though, I loved having my own veggies last year. 

Have a great weekend everyone!  Remember those who gave their lives for our freedom!

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Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Have a great long weekend Flo! What good luck, finding such similar plates as these. I think they look really nice with the Italian ones! Before you know it, you'll have a whole set!