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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's Only Been Two Years

I learned how to sew very young.  My mom was a terrific seamstress, she too had learned very young.  When I was little, she sewed on a treadle sewing machine, she made a lot of my clothes on it.  When I was about 6 or 7 she finally ventured into the land of electric sewing machines, purchasing a Singer Golden Touch and Sew machine.  It was a very techy kind of machine for it's day, all sorts of fun features that were rare back in the 70's.  Unfortunately because of all of this technology, it also was very touchy and would go out of adjustment very easily.  I heard my mom swear a lot when she sewed with it.
About 20 years ago it finally went to that big sewing machine graveyard in the sky.  She and I went together and bought a nice Pfaff machine, very simple, all mechanical to share.  I previously had owned a Riccar that I broke making dog toys (don't ask), so this arrangement worked well since neither of us sewed a lot at that point.  Unfortunately she never got the hang of that machine and her eyesight was failing as well, so it more or less became my machine.  I still have it and I don't think I would ever get rid of it only because it is all mechanical and is very sturdily made.  When I had it serviced about three years ago, the guy who worked on it said "they don't make them like this anymore!"

Two years ago I got a bug about getting a machine with more features, primarily more stitches.  I did some research and ended up getting a Singer Superb, got a terrific deal on it and it came with a ton of different specialty feet.  Up until this point I had only done basic stuff on it, straight stitches, zig zag, etc.  I had played with some of the fancy stitches, but that was about it.  Today I decided to work on a project that finally got me trying some other stuff, and I'm so glad I did.

This is what I made:
(Excuse the bad photos, I took these with my iPod and saved them small)  

My old towels like this for in my kitchen are all falling apart.  I've been tossing around the idea of making some, just needed to get motivated to do so.  For some reason that motivation hit me this weekend, yay!  I've still got some tweaking to do on the pattern, but these will work in the meantime.  The best part is that I learned how to use the buttonhole foot on the machine.  It is a lot different than what I was used to and the first attempts didn't go so well, thank heavens for seam rippers.  Once I got the hang of it though, I was thrilled. 

I also learned how to sew the buttons on with the machine using the included button foot.  I had done this with my mom's old machine, but hadn't done it in so long, this was like learning all over again.  I actually cracked the first button, ugh!  But once I got the bugs worked out, it was so easy.  I HATE sewing buttons on by hand, I can see myself using this foot a ton.  I just wish the foot was a little easier to get on the machine. 

Now I need to go digging in my fabric to see what else I can use up with towels to make some more, I have 4 more towels I bought that I can use.  Unfortunately I do have other stuff to do, I would love to be able to play around all day like this.  Maybe tomorrow.  I wanna sew on some more buttons...I have some curtain valances that I don't like...hmmm...if you don't see me around for a while, you know where to look.

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dan said...

Sewing is a nice hobby ( unfortunately I am not good at it ) and your towels are pretty!