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Monday, April 21, 2014

What's up?!?!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend--I cringed when I looked in the refrigerator at all the leftovers!  Not a lot of any one thing, just a lot of little bits of this and that.  Good thing I like leftover ham :)

Would you believe I haven't been in a thrift store since March 10th????  That was the last time Heather and I went shopping.  Between bad weather, being sick and really not needing a darned thing, I've managed to stay away.  Debating on a trip to check out a few places this week.

On a break from Ebay too, also partially due to weather and illness and just needing a break from it.  I did well for the 1st quarter, didn't sell tons of stuff but the things I did sell were items that were just sitting around here collecting dust.  I told my husband that while some of these things were under $10, they were out of the house which made me very happy.  I spent most of last week cleaning around here and while I was working on a room, I pulled things out and put them in my Ebay pile so that I am ready when I start up again.  I also took a box to the Goodwill.  Yay!

I have a lot of little projects that I want to work on over the next few weeks.  I promise I will share!  I also want to work on some more of my dollhouse stuff, a couple of days and I should be done.  And of course my container gardening will be starting soon.  Looking forward to those fresh veggies! :) 

I enjoyed the weather this morning, it is just gorgeous here.  I took Laney to the groomer, came home, opened the windows and just enjoyed the cool air, sunshine and birds singing.  It was a long winter, now we deserve this.  ENJOY! 


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Hey Flo! Leftovers are not a bad thing...better than a bare fridge. Hope you and Laney have got out for that DQ treat...spring has finally sprung!

I was looking for your handmade bags, because I wanted to take a second look, but I couldn't find the one you reworked...did have another look at the Lands End one. That would be a great make.

Flo said...

Sue, I think the post you were looking for is this one:

I have tossed around making some like the Lands End ones, but I haven't found fabric as heavy as those, so I continue to buy them LOL

I've been eating up the leftovers all week, I think they will probably be gone by tomorrow.

dan said...

No shopping and a lot of new ideas? That make me curious...
Sunny, warm days are what everyone needs after a long winter! And yours was very snowy and cold...so enjoy the spring with your sweet Laney!