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Saturday, April 26, 2014

If you wish for something hard enough.......

Did you ever purchase something that you really liked, but it still had some things about it you wish were different?  I periodically have this issue, especially with bags.  About 10 years ago (or more) I discovered Vera Bradley bags.  I'm not a fanatic owner, but the bags I do have, I really like.  Unfortunately over the last couple of years the patterns have become.............yucky.  So much so that I really haven't bought much.  I still turn to my old standby bags when I want to carry one for the most part.  Until recently!

Back in the old days, I came across a bag on clearance that I thought was really unique.  It was intended to be a small diaper bag, but I can say that I know very few mom's that would fit much in it, just not quite big enough.  Might work for someone with a toddler that was in the process of being both potty trained and weaned, but anything beyond that would be pushing it.  It was called "Mom's Day Out" and it looked like this:

I ended up buying it to use as a bag for when we went somewhere that I didn't need my regular bag, I liked the long strap because I could wear it cross body.  It had a tricot lining over the traditional VB lining, I guess for ease of wiping out miscellaneous spills and such.  It worked well for what I wanted it for, but I had a couple of complaints. I wished that: 1) the long strap was adjustable 2) the large back pocket had a zipper on it instead of being open 3) the large interior pocket really needed to be divided as things tended to fall out of it.  Still, it was a great bag for when we went to the flea market, touring, anywhere I didn't want to be tied down with heavy bag and wanted my hands free.
As I mentioned before, the patterns of late have been unappealing.  People are still buying them, but I know that many of the longtime VB fans haven't been happy.  I go in to the website, cringe, shake my head, and move on.  Last year though there was a pattern I did like called "Tutti Frutti". I just didn't see any bags that I liked/wanted at that point, so I put it on the back burner......
Not too long ago I was poking around on the website to see what they had in this pattern.  Lo and behold, "Mom's Day Out" had been revived in a new and improved version!!!  I guess I wasn't the only person who had the same complaints.  YAY!!!  Best part was that they had already discontinued this bag in the Tutti Frutti pattern so it was on sale.  I did it even one better and went to the outlet store not far from here and got it even cheaper :) 

As you can see from these photos the strap is now adjustable, the back pocket zips and the inside has two smaller pockets instead of one large.  They changed the shape and size just slightly as well as put a stiff bottom in it, both improvements in my book.  Good job Vera Bradley!  I just wish that they would come out with more patterns that I actually like, I wouldn't mind having a second one of these in something more fall/winter.  This does have me hopeful that they may bring back another bag that I loved that was only available for a couple of years.  I've got my fingers crossed!!!
If you aren't familiar with Vera Bradley--the company was started by two friends who both noticed how ugly and unfeminine most luggage was.  They literally started in a garage and now it is a multi-million dollar company here in the US.  They still make some luggage and travel pieces, but the bulk of their business is in handbags and accessories with the majority of them being made from brightly colored quilted fabric.  The main thing that I like about the bags is that they are lightweight, making them great for anyone who has any kinds of neck issues and can't carry a heavy bag.  They are also machine washable, a huge selling point for someone who is a slob like me (we won't talk about how many times I've spilled coffee on my bags).  I can attest to the fact that they wash very well.  They also sell well on Ebay or in consignment stores, so if you are someone who likes to rotate your "inventory" frequently, this is an added benefit.  If you prefer the older patterns and styles, you can frequently find some very nice, barely used bags on Ebay.  I even found a nice one at the Goodwill.  They also come out with solid color bags on a regular basis, so if the bright colored prints aren't your style, be patient--I've got a navy blue solid bag and a khaki one that most people don't even realize are VB because they are very classic styles. 
I think I will go write a letter to them now in hopes I can get them to bring that other bag back. 

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dan said...

I ( almost ) always purchase and then, at home, I change something !! I call it...personalize an item!
You did a good job! Now your bag is personalized!