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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Winter is Almost Over................(fingers crossed!!!!)

We had another nasty storm Sunday night, wind, thunder and lots more snow.  It was hard to even measure just how much we got because it had drifted so much, I've heard as little as 4 inches and as much as a foot.  All I know is it is looking pretty deep because we still had a lot left from before.  Periodically Laney gets lost in a snow drift when we take her out.  They are saying this is the worst overall winter since 1982, and I believe it, I don't remember the last time we had snow continuously on the ground like this along with such low temperatures.   I remember the winter of 1982 well because that was the year our pipes froze and broke in the garage and we couldn't bathe for several days until it was repaired, I likened it to living on Gilligan's Island without the water! 

Looking at the long range forecast through March helps a little, while it's not supposed to be super warm, it's at least supposed to be warmer than it has been.   It's in the 40's today, and supposed to be warmer overall for the next few days.  The only drawback to that is when it gets warm too fast, snow melts, and when you have this much snow to melt off, flooding becomes a major concern.  Of particular concern around here are the rivers in the Pittsburgh area, not just because of them overflowing their banks, but also because of ice chunks dislodging and causing damage to bridges and knocking barges loose from their moorings. 

One of the reasons we aren't going to have a warmer than normal March is because all 5 of the Great Lakes are nearly frozen over, I heard a statistic that said they are over 90% frozen!!!  As a result it delays the warm up for this region and causes us to have a gloomier/colder than normal spring--ugh!  Another little issue that we might have is sightings of Canadian mountain lions in this area--it has happened in previous years when Lake Erie has frozen over like this.  While it would be kind of neat to see one, I'm hopeful that there aren't many of them that will need to be relocated back to their native areas. 

I've been trying to keep warm, and thinking about what I want to do in the coming weeks.  I have been thinking about my gardening project for the coming summer and have been debating about when to start some of my seeds.  I want to start on some pre-spring cleaning around here, and I've got a couple of small craft projects I want to do.  And I am close to finished on the project I mentioned earlier, hoping to share it all with you soon.  It's been fun to work on because it combines several of my favorite things--recycling/repurposing an item along with sewing. 

The one thing that I've been doing to help me through this last of winter is looking at spring clothing in some of my favorite catalogs.  I did mention earlier that I purchased a few things from Lands End, last week I made a run to Goodwill and found an adorable dress and a pair of capri pants.  Yesterday I picked up a nice basic cardigan sweater on clearance too that will look great with all of those white t-shirts I have.  The hubby and I went shopping a couple of Saturdays ago and I got a wonderful new raincoat that I can't wait to wear, along with some cute shoes.   I'm actually thinking about going through my stored clothing sometime this week and start pulling out a few things that are nice cross-over pieces.  Whatever it takes to get through the end of this frozen season! 

What are you doing to get through these last weeks of winter? 

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dan said...

You have had a lot of snow and low temperatures, while we had a quite warm winter and no snow at all!
So I wish you a warm, sunny spring...me too can't wait to wear light weight clothes ! ( let's hope, finger crossed then!!)