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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Enough already!!!

This is what it looks like outside our windows at the moment:

It is coming down hard.  I am beyond tired of extreme weather.  I don't mind some snow or cold, but this is getting ridiculous.  This is that heavy, wet snow that makes driving next to impossible for even the most seasoned snow driver, and takes down utility lines.  Before the week is out we are supposed to have single digit and negative temps yet again overnight a couple of times.  Possibly another major snow over the weekend.  Many schools have cancelled again for the day, these poor kids are going to be going to school up to the 4th of July at this rate.  It is snowing so hard in some places the road crews can't keep up, the one county in Ohio is telling people not to go to work--unheard of, I can say in all of my years of living here, I've never heard that.  And that damned groundhog predicts 6 more weeks of this crap--he'd better be wrong!!!!

This weather is killing my mojo to do anything, it's so depressing to not be able to even safely go and get a gallon of milk.  I'd give anything for an early spring about now.  At some point this morning I will have to go dig out my car and the driveway so the hubby can at least get home.  When I talked to him a little while ago he was concerned with getting stuck in customer parking lots.  Remind me again why we continue to live here?

So Laney and I are just hanging out at home, watching TV and staying warm.  I did start a project yesterday that I hope to share with you all next week if all goes well.  It's one of those things I've had in the back of my mind and finally decided to try it.  So far so good.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.
"Even I'm sick of this weather!  I want to go to Jerry's for lunch." 


dan said...

Doesn't Laney like the snow? My old Bangio goes crazy when he can go out and roll in it!
As far as I am concerned... I totally agree with you! ( and I have just had a little incident driving my car!! )
stay warm ...

Flo said...

Usually she loves it Dan, but I think even she is getting tired of it. For her it's more the super cold temperatures that she doesn't like, her feet freeze up and she is miserable. I tried putting boots on her and she managed to get them off. Ugh.

I hope your car isn't damaged! Not fun.

Wendy said...

It looks so pretty but I don't envy you. Also, I will stop bitching about 50 degree rainy days. Hoping you guys get a break.

dan said...

My dog would need those boots! When it snows the streets of my city are full of salt , and he can't walk !!
It was a little accident but unfortunately I will have to change the headlight of my car... :-(