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Thursday, February 6, 2014


I ordered some stuff last week from Lands End out of their clearance section--a spring jacket, a turtleneck in a color I'd been looking for and a really cute dress.  I really wasn't looking for a dress, but it was a sleeveless polo style (love), a pretty spring like shade of green (green is "my" color, goes great with my green/hazel eyes and coloring) and it was $8.00.  Yeah, that's right, 8 whole buckaroos.  I couldn't pass it up. 

My order arrived yesterday, and everything was awesome, including the $8 dress.  I can't wait till warm weather arrives so I can wear it, I am already picturing what I can wear with it accessory-wise.  I think it will look great with a pair of sandals, a brown leather braid belt like they show, and a sweater for cooler times, either worn over it or tied around the shoulders.  I have the sandals, lord knows I have enough sweaters, but the belt....hmmm.....perhaps I can find something I like at a thrift store........

This morning I decided to put the jacket away and in the process, came across my belt hanger.  Lo and behold, look what I found on it:

I honestly didn't remember that I had this, not sure that I ever used it because it is in brand new condition.  I think it might have come from Coldwater Creek, and I haven't shopped there in ages.  Maybe it's time to really go through my closet!  I like it because it's not really thick, so it will look great with the new dress, and the best part is that I didn't have to go buy something new.   I am having flashbacks though to an episode of Oprah where Suzie Orman went to some lady's house and they cleaned out her closet to find that she had multiples of the same items, she was so disorganized that when she couldn't find something she just went and bought new.  I'm not that bad, but perhaps it's time to really do a deep clean of my closet.  Oooops!!! 


Gwen said...

I love that dress! Maybe I need to go look at their clearance section. Did you find it runs true to size?

I read something the other day that if you're cleaning out your closet, you should look at the items as if you were in a store. Ask yourself, "Would I buy this if it was in a store?" If your answer is no, then discard it! I'm scared to go into my closet with that in mind! I might not have anything left at the end of that session!

Flo said...

I think it ran very true to size. This particular dress is sold out at the moment, but they have some other cute ones. I imagine with warmer weather on the horizon, they will offer some more styles like this.

I need to go through my shoes, I have a couple of pairs that I kept and haven't worn for whatever reason.

Wendy said...

I love when this happens (which is a lot). I thrift so much stuff (clothes) that I forget what I have and then stumble on it when going through my closet... I feel like Homer Simpson when he finds a piece of candy. :)

LOVE the dress!!! Enjoy it!

dan said...

A deep clean is just what my closet would need too!
Green is a nice colour, and it will match your green eyes pertectly!