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Friday, January 17, 2014

This is hard!

Still working at cleaning out stuff, I have our dining room almost finished.  It's been productive, I took several more boxes/bags of stuff to the Goodwill and I've sold a couple of things on Ebay.  I need to work on listing some more stuff this weekend, and next week I'm going to tackle the "junk" drawers and one last cupboard.  I don't think there is much to get rid of from those spaces, more a case of getting organized.  Making progress.  February I will work on the kitchen, I don't think there is quite as much to get rid of there, more of the getting organized as well. 

Several weeks ago I said I was really going to work hard at not going to thrift stores as often.  Last week I allowed myself a day to go check out two stores.  I did really well, I only bought three things--a pair of navy blue pants (which I did need), a new case for my iPod (a sort of need, massively unhappy with the one I had) and a package of Christmas invitations that I'm going to turn in to Christmas cards.  Not bad, and I was excited to find the iPod case, they are hard to find at stores around here for some reason. 

I'm having the hardest time avoiding the clearance sales for clothing, but so far, so good.  There are so many nice things at some great prices, but the truth is I really don't need anything, and it seems kind of silly given the fact that I'm working on losing weight.  By the time next season rolls around these things might not fit me.  I've already gotten rid of several items because they don't fit and have several more that are on the bubble.  So I'm trying to keep focused, telling myself it will be more fun to save the money and buy myself some new stuff in a new size later on.   

How are your new years goals coming along?  Happy weekend everyone!


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Haha...I am the same...trying to avoid sales and buying in general. Goodwill picked up three bags last week, and I am determined not to add three bags this week,LOL.

dan said...

Avoid clearance sales is a very hard task for me, and me too don't need anything ! But they are such a temptation...