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Friday, January 10, 2014

The Big Clean-Out!

I've mentioned several times that 2014 is going to be a year of organization.  I started working on it in 2013 and did okay, but there are some things that didn't get done.  We've lived in this house just over 3 years and quite frankly, some of this disorganization is driving me crazy!  NOW IS THE TIME!

One thing we are working on is getting an office area set up for my husband in our basement.  We are taking the area that we had designated for a family room (that we rarely ever use) and re-arranging it to accommodate this.  He needs a space where he can just do whatever, and I want my dining room back :)  Hopefully this weekend we will be making a couple of trips to the Goodwill to get rid of a couple of pieces of furniture we don't have room for. 

I've started cleaning out the dining room, listed a few things on Ebay and took a box of stuff to Goodwill yesterday.  I'm planning on doing some more in there today, fingers crossed that by this time next week I will be mostly done.  I also got a bag of clothes together and took it to Goodwill as well.  Lots more to go.  The kitchen will be next after the dining room.  One of my biggest complaints has always been having things of similar purpose scattered around the house.  It's not just an issue here, but was an issue in our other house.  We are getting there.

This morning I decided to tackle one of those things that I have been putting off since we moved--kitchen towels.  I am embarrassed to admit that I had an entire laundry basket FULL of kitchen towels.  And now that I have gone through them, I don't know why I had a laundry basket full?!?!?!?!  The majority of them were old, stained, faded, just yuck, and now I have a nice big bag of scrub rags.  WTF was I thinking?!?!   I have to instruct the hubby that if you use one of these towels out of the scrub rag bag, it is to go in to the trash.  I AM NOT WASHING THEM AGAIN.  I did find a couple of nice towels that I put away, but the bulk of what was in the basket was just shot. 

I have to say that I've found some interesting things as I've cleaned, but very little that I value enough to hang on to.  I think about an article I read a number of years ago on simplifying your life.  One of the words of advice was to take a box and put items in it that you are "on the fence" about keeping, then store the box away for 30 days.  At the end of the 30 days, get the box back out and see first off how well you can remember what is in the box.  Then get rid of it, particularly the items that you didn't remember putting in there in the first place.  One person said that one weekend when their spouse was away they did this.  The spouse was outraged--"Those things were important to me!".  They then asked the spouse if they could tell them exactly which items they had gotten rid of, and if they could, then they would get them back out.  They couldn't. 

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  We are finally out of the frigid weather, I am so glad.


Gwen said...

My youngest is a sentimental pack rat. I need to work on him! And I need to work on myself as well. We've been in this house for six months. I am going to start going back through everything and evaluating the necessity of certain things.

Good job on your work thus far!

dan said...

To have a new studio for your husband is a great idea, and that means also more room for you!

I live in a tiny flat, so I try not to pile up things!!