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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thrift Store Finds/Girls Day Out

Heather and I had a shopping day planned for about a month and a half.  I kind of panicked after the incident with the car happened, I was afraid I might have to cancel.  Fortunately it all worked out and we were still able to go.  Our plans were to hit both Red White and Blue stores in Pittsburgh and maybe go somewhere else.  Best laid plans.....

We got to the first Red White and Blue about our usual time and it was already busy as all get out.  Crazy busy, although not as bad as a Saturday.  We both found a couple of nice bargains but agreed that it was more frustration than it was worth and skipped the second one, going to the mall instead.  As Heather said, it was nice to just get out, even if we didn't find the best bargains on the planet.  I have since found out that Wednesdays at that Red White and Blue are Senior Citizen appreciation days--combine that with the fact it was right after the 1st of the month, and that November had 5 Fridays (meaning some people got an extra paycheck)--it all made sense then.  Oh well.

What did I find?  Some nice tops for spring, and two other things I was looking for.  First, the tops:
A cute striped boatneck style top, Ralph Lauren, tags still on--$6.48 after the 50% off.  A pale blue cable knit top, Croft and Barrow, tags still on--$2.98 after the 50% off.
A lovely watermelon pink Tommy Hilfiger Polo shirt, maybe worn once--$2.98 after the 50% off.  Unfortunately the polo shirt is a bit on the tight side, but I'm going to hang it in my closet anyways, hopefully by the time spring or summer roll around, I will have lost enough weight to wear it.  Worst case scenario is I'll end up flipping it.  I'm trying not to buy any winter clothing as I'm noticing that I have lost enough that some of my stuff is starting to look kind of baggy.  I didn't realize how bad my jeans are fitting me until yesterday in a fitting room with a full length mirror--eeeek!  It was a combination of a good/bad feeling--good that I've lost the weight, but bad that I look like a slob.  I have a lot to go yet, so I'm not anxious to go out and buy some new stuff, I'm just going to try and figure out a way to either alter them or wear them differently so I can at least get them through until the spring, then I'll think about buying a new pair or two.  Another good reason to shop mostly at thrift stores!!!

My next find falls in the "something I was looking for" category--an entire bag of Christmas garland for $2.95.  YAY! 
The picture doesn't do it justice, the plastic bag kind of disguises just how pretty it is.  And it weighs a ton!  A couple of weeks ago I was at a thrift store and passed up some like it made from wooden beads, later kind of kicking myself that I did, so I was very happy to find this.  There is way more than I will need for our small tree, but I'm thinking maybe I can use it for decorating other places in the house as well--or even outside.  When you get it that cheap, you don't care if it gets damaged.  I was amazed at how many Christmas trees they had there too, it was like a friggin' forest.  That's one thing I definitely don't need, but good to know for future.
Last but not least--my favorite bargain of the day.  Towards the end of the summer I posted about a dollhouse project I was working on.  It sort of came to a screeching halt due to too many things going on.  I haven't forgotten about it though, and I actually have some pictures to share in some upcoming posts with stuff I have done towards it.  I'm still more in "think" mode at the moment on it.  I tend to do that so that when I'm ready to work on it, I turn in to an obsessed person and won't finish until it's done.  I've been researching/buying various things on Ebay so I had a pretty good idea of what this would sell for on there.  I just haven't been willing to part with the money, and so glad I didn't.  As I was perusing the kids toys, I found this for $4.95--less than just the shipping price for the same item would be on Ebay:

It's a Barbie fold up dollhouse--and it's in beautiful condition, it doesn't look like it was played with much.  The only issues it has is some of the stickers were poorly placed, are ripped, or coming off, but that is a non-issue to me, I will get my trusty bottle of UnDu out and remove them, replacing them with my own stuff anyhow.  It is just too cute for words, now I just have to decide exactly how I'm going to incorporate it in to my ideas.

We had a nice afternoon at the mall, neither of us bought much, just window shopped.  We also ate lunch at the food court.  I hadn't been to the food court at that mall in ages, so I was kind of excited to see that they had put in a Five Guys Burgers place there.  I've been wanting to try it for ages.  First, was impressed that on their sign it says "all burgers and dogs can be ordered without a bun".  As someone with wheat allergies, this is always a concern.  Then I was even more impressed when I placed my order, the girl taking my order even asked if it was because of an allergy.  No cross-contamination worries then, huzzah!  They cook everything fresh, so my order was nice and hot, hadn't been sitting there waiting for someone to order it.  As for the food--it was good, but it wasn't WOW--I can make a burger that tastes just about identical for a whole lot less.  I ordered fries with it, they give you an obscene amount, had I realized this I would have told Heather not to order anything else with her lunch.  Between the burger, the fries and the soda, I probably consumed an entire days worth of calories for one meal, but it was a treat, not a daily habit, so I'm not stressed about it.  I'm more stressed over how much it cost--lunch was over $13!!!!!!  But I got it out of my system, and had we gone to a sit down restaurant, I probably would have spent that easily.  It's just the idea I guess.  I can't help but wonder though, how do all of these people who take entire families shopping afford to do this?  My cheap roots are showing ;)


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Love the striped top! Is it spring yet? I'm over winter already!


dan said...

You have bought some nice tshirts, but I am in love with your dollhouse!!It's soooo cute! And I am waiting to see the entire project soon!

Flo said...

That's the one I liked the best too K! And I too wish it was spring, when I took Laney out yesterday and the snow was all melted, I couldn't help but think.....

Dan, I am looking forward to showing what I have done, and what I'm hoping to do as I go. Just a few bugs to work out in my head.