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Sunday, December 1, 2013


My last post was all about the snow.  Remember where I said to "be careful"?  First snows around here are always kind of dangerous because in that time where we don't have snow, people tend to forget how to drive in it and usually drive too fast.  Most insurance offices hate the first snow of the year as they are busier than usual due to people doing stupid things.  It's just a fact of life.  I consider myself to be a very good driver in the snow, I actually learned to drive in the snow, thanks to a completely insane (but very good) drivers education teacher.  (Her attitude was I was going to have to drive in it someday, why not with her in the car.)  It's everyone else I worry about!  I've always said that if I ever end up in jail, it will be because I beat the crap out of someone for causing an automobile accident by doing something utterly stupid.  I have no time for that at all. 

There are situations though that are completely out of your control, as my husband found out Wednesday morning.  He was on his way to an account and suddenly saw a tree branch, weighed down from all that heavy, wet snow, snap off a tree and heading straight for the car!  He hit the brakes, but couldn't get stopped in time--it hit the car, breaking the windshield, denting the hood, breaking the headlight assembly and taking out both side mirrors in the process-ugh.  $2200 worth of repairs, thank heavens for insurance.  The upside--my husband wasn't injured at all, just really shook up, and the guy who is going to do the repairs said that if it had hit just 6 or 7 inches further back on the roof instead of the hood, the car would have been un-repairable. 

All I have to say is I'm thankful that the 2002 Honda Accord was such a well built car, I think if it had been my station wagon instead, it might not have faired so well.  I don't know if you can see it, but where the windshield is broken, it isn't just cracked, it's smashed and those are pieces of wood embedded in it!  Surprisingly, the car is still drive-able, so we will only be out of a car the couple of days it will be in the shop for repairs.  The hood will have to be replaced as they can't take the creases out of it, it is a double reinforced style.  I'm not complaining, it's probably what saved the engine from any damage. 

Besides that little bit of excitement, it's been relatively calm this week.  We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner, probably one of the best turkeys I have ever cooked!  Last night we finished off the last of the leftovers, just enough turkey to make some turkey salad for lunch packing this week.  Now it's on to getting the holiday decorations up, Christmas cards started and shopping done and wrapped.  Less than a month to Christmas--eek!  I'd better get moving!

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dan said...

Luckily no one got injured in the accident!Driving on the snow is so stressful...