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Thursday, December 19, 2013

1 Week/2 Weeks

Yes, it's one week left to finish your Christmas shopping!   Are you done?  Is anyone ever totally done?  I've been mostly finished which is a good thing, I haven't had a car for a week and a half while the one that the tree branch attacked was being repaired.  Today I have to make up for lost time, I have a couple of things I need to pick up and then I am finished. 

Two weeks to the New Year--where did 2013 go?  Have you been thinking about resolutions?  Last year I didn't make any resolutions, I went with a word that I wanted to represent my thinking through the year.  I got the idea from someone else, but I thought it was a really great idea--my word was minimalism.  Lately I've been reflecting on how I did with that.  Some areas I did better than others, but overall I think I did pretty well, particularly later in the year.  I want to keep moving forward with that idea, so my word for 2014 is continue--continue to get rid of excess possessions, continue to work on losing weight, continue to move forward, continue to try new things. 

I've also been thinking about my strategies to accomplish these goals, particularly the getting rid of things.  I do have a bit of an advantage now with my Ebay selling, last year at this time I was just thinking about getting started.  I have a whole year of it under my belt, I've had time to try different things out and see what works.  I hope to hit the ground running in the New Year.  I'm already looking at things that can go, and I will probably have at least a box of stuff every month to donate to charity as well.  I truly think we could easily live with half of the items we currently have in our house right now.  Wish me luck!

Hard to believe the first day of winter hits this weekend, especially since we've already had snow for at least 3 weeks.  So what is it going to do here?  RAIN!!  Have a great weekend everyone and don't let the stress of the holiday get to you. 

"Oh no, it's almost here!!!!"


dan said...

Time has gone in a flash and Christmas is here again! I haven't finished buying gifts for my dears but I have some days left yet!
I am glad that you reached your goals this year!!

dan said...

Here again dear Flo to wish you Merry Christmas!!

Wendy said...

This post has totally motivated me. I focused on one word last year and I think I want to do the same again, too ... Just not sure of the word, lol.