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Friday, November 15, 2013

Ebay find!!!

I don't do a ton of shopping on Ebay.  I've done more this year than I have in past years, probably because I'm on there selling quite a bit.  Most of what I've purchased are items that are no longer available at retail stores--a vintage Vera Bradley bag, a Barbour hat, the Sunshine Family dolls that I mentioned in a previous post.  Once in a while I will go looking for something just to see if I can get a deal, but not generally.  I have a couple of things I regularly look at just to see what's out there, and this time around it actually paid off.

I LOVE Lands End tote bags!  We have a rather large collection of them in a variety of sizes and colors.  They are so useful for so many things--an informal purse, toting groceries, carrying things back and forth to work--the list is endless.  I've had some other brands of this style of bag, and to me the Lands End one is the best made of the lot.  Laney even has her own that we use when we travel with her, or when she goes to the kennel to tote her dog food, toys, etc in.  I've gifted a few of these too because I think everyone needs to have one!  So it will come as no surprise that I regularly peruse these totes on Ebay.  Usually there aren't any great deals on them, especially if you are used to waiting for the sales at LE, but once in a while one shows up on there that is unique, perhaps a style or color that they no longer have on their website.  About a week ago I came across one that was different from anything I've ever seen:

First off, it's brown, a color you can't get in the regular retail section anymore.  (You can get it if you have a business account though, ?!?!)  The color caught my eye because I do like the combination, but look closely..............see the straps..............they are adjustable!  I have never seen that before on a Lands End tote, and I think it's an awesome idea.  I kept an eye on the auction and managed to snipe it for $17, yay. :)  It came yesterday and I love it, the idea of the adjustable straps is genius.  What is very interesting about it is it still has the tag on it.  I think it was sold at an outlet store, and what the tag says on it has me rather intrigued- "Sample Luggage".  So now I'm really curious, was this ever released to the public, or just an idea that never went any further?  Anyone else ever seen one like this? 
What am I going to use it for?  Good question!  Probably for the usual stuff, carrying odds and ends from here to there.  I am toying with the idea of making a padded insert for it to carry my camera in, wouldn't it make a great camera bag?  The canvas is a nice heavy weight, so it's not going to rip from the weight and will add just enough extra protection.  All I know for sure is I really like it and I'm tickled with my "find".  

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dan said...

Buyng online is amusing and you can find items which you couldn't buy in shops anymore! I happened to purchase on ebay too but never sold anything. ( I should have to try!)
I am sure you will use your beautiful bag a lot!!