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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Take: Downton Abbey, S4, E4 (No spoilers!)

I was annoyed after I watched this episode--not that there was anything wrong with the episode itself, but I went online to see what others thought of it, and just by typing in "Downton Abbey" in a search engine, one of the very first articles that popped up gave away a major spoiler in the headline!  This ticked me off big time, they won't show the series in the US even close to when it is shown in the UK, but you can't safely even look something up online without accidentally stumbling across spoilers.  This happened to me last year and the main reason that I decided to spend the money to see it ASAP instead of waiting until January.  Grrrrr........................on to my thoughts. 

1.  "Don't be transparent mama, it doesn't suit you."

2.  Oh Tom, what were you thinking?!?!

3.  Daisy is going to punch someone before this is all over with.

4.  Mrs. Hughes knows EVERYTHING!

5.  Julian Fellows must have re-read "Pride & Prejudice" just before he wrote this episode.

6.  Isobel is a class act.

7.  The Thomas I love is back!!!!  (YEAH!!!!!)


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