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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Take: Downton Abbey, S4, E2 (no spoilers!)

This had to be the dullest episode of Downton Abbey in the history of the series.  I am hopeful that some of what went on is setting things up for future episodes. 

1.  Robert is still a pompous ass.
2.  Poor Moseley.
3.  Isobel and Mrs. Hughes make a good team.

4.  Thomas hasn't changed a bit.
5.  Lady Edith wore the ugliest dress ever in this episode.
6.  Rose is a tart.  (and definitely no replacement for Sybil.)
7.  "Prison was an education"
Stay tuned...............


Gwen said...

Still haven't gotten into this. Maybe someday.

Flo said...

I will get you hooked, just watch me!!!!