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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


We didn't buy any souvenirs in Niagara Falls.  I don't need any t-shirts or anything else with "Niagara Falls" emblazoned on it.  Over the years I've picked up a couple of things, but not a lot.  I did see a hockey style shirt that I liked, but really didn't feel like spending $50 on it.  I DID make a trip to the grocery store though to pick up some chocolate.  I do this every time we go to Canada, to me there is nothing as good as Cadbury from Canada (or the UK).


My addiction to Cadbury chocolate goes back to when I was a kid.  My dad was an engineer in the natural gas industry and he had a colleague from Canada who used to come and visit fairly often.  Every time he came to visit, he brought me a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar.  I looked forward to his visit because there was nothing in the US as good as that candy bar. 
Eventually Cadbury became available in the US and I was a regular customer.  My all time favorite is the Wispa bar (aka Dairy Milk Bubbly in Canada).  Unfortunately Cadbury decided to sell the licensing to their name in the US to Hershey and things have never been the same.  If I want my chocolate to taste like a Hershey bar, I'll buy a bloody Hershey bar!!!!   So, I look forward to trips to Canada, the UK and Ireland, where I can buy a REAL Cadbury bar. 
This morning I had my cup of coffee with a Caramilk Bar--sheer heaven!  Yesterday it was with a Dairy Milk Bubbly.  I'll be sad when they run out, but also thankful that cooler weather is here so I can order some and have it shipped to my home when I get desperate ;)  Perhaps I should order some Blue Monday candy bars from Kentucky while I'm at it?  (another story I'll tell another time......."Tales of the Chocoholic")


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Your mini holiday to Niagara, although wet, looked fun. I'm now hopeful that the show you saw might head west. That would be so fun to see live!! Isn't one of the nice things about making several return trips to a destination, not having the inclination to buy souvenirs?! Except a favourite food item, LOL. Had no idea that Cadbury wasn't the same in the US. I may just have to go and buy a bar. Enjoy your stash!!!

Gwen said...

mmm, can't go wrong with chocolate as a souvenir!

dan said...

Great souvenir! I am a chocoholic too, very dangerous, but sooooo sweet every now and then! One of my favourite is chocolate with orange cream inside!!