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Friday, October 25, 2013


I have wanted to make a Halloween banner for a while now, I had all sorts of fun ideas pinned from Pinterest.  It was just a matter of finding some time to actually make it.  Today was finally the day.  It didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped, but it's still cute.  Other than the basket that the Trick Or Treat candy will go in, this is the extent of my Halloween decorating for this year.  Just not in to it for some reason.......it doesn't help that we don't have many little persons that come to our house anymore, they have all grown up.  I've been contemplating selling some of my Halloween stuff on Ebay!

In case you are wondering, the main "body" of each piece was cut using the Big Shot Top Note die.  Most of the things were cut out by hand except for the smaller ornamentals, those were a sheet of stickers from Paper Bliss that I had in my stash, and the letters were cut using my Slice, "Spook Alley" disc.  My inspiration for this project came from this pin. 


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Adorable! Love it.


Also, do you know that you have word verification enabled? I like to ask people every now and then because they are often unaware. So this is me asking... :)

dan said...

Funny, nice banner! I am going to use your idea to create something similar at school! ( so thank for sharing! )

I think I have some problems with the verificatio sistem on my blog. I would get rid of it. . . any ideas how I could? ?

Flo said...

I have it turned on deliberately because it keeps me from getting a bunch of messages from people that aren't really people but SPAMBOTS instead. I am getting a lot of hits on my site from just that. It's easy to turn off though, it's in your settings Dan.

dan said...

Thanks Flo, I will try to do that way next days!!