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Saturday, September 7, 2013


Talk about a whirlwind 10 days--I'm glad it's Saturday so I can catch my breath!  Started out with me getting ready for my sister to come to visit, then the e-mail about going back to work, the Labor Day holiday and then actually going back to work.  I'm exhausted!  Fortunately we have nothing much planned for the weekend other than going out to dinner.  Laney survived her week alone, I sure got a fantastic greeting the first day, you would have thought I'd been gone for days as opposed to hours. 

I took my sister to Red White and Blue, we had a nice time.  She really made out, she purchased two shirts, one for $1.95 and another for 95 cents.  I told her she was the last of the big spenders.  I only found one thing that I really had to have, this lovely Tommy Hilfiger sweater for $6.95.  It's a men's, but truthfully, most men would never wear a pink sweater.  I loved it though and it had to come home with me :)
I didn't do much thrift store shopping in August, I was too busy with other things and quite frankly I really don't need much.  I did find these two tops though in one of my few visits:
Jones New York, a company I wouldn't normally buy at full retail--but a $74 shirt for just under $4--uh yeah!  I loved the plum and white stripes, I think it will look great either by itself or over the plum colored sleeveless mockneck I bought a couple of months ago.
I had to have this mock neck turtleneck when I saw it--I had actually looked at this top right around the new year when it was on clearance at Kohl's!  Even on clearance it was $8 and I wasn't in the right frame of mind at that point to buy more winter clothing.  But for $3.79 and cold weather approaching I changed my tune.

It has cardinals on it!!!!!!!  Anyone who knows me well can understand why I bought it, they would be more surprised if I didn't.
My last purchase to share is something to go with my "project" that I'm going to start working on when I'm finished being a working girl.  I found this table at a Salvation Army about an hour from here, but since I broke my tape measure >:( I couldn't be sure it was the right size.  Hubby and I went back that evening and luckily it was still there as it was EXACTLY the size I needed. 
It is a nice piece, I'm sure it was a rather expensive purchase brand new, but at $7.99 the price was definitely right for what I want it for.  Remember those fabric pieces I bought a couple of weeks ago?  This is going to be used along with those and some other stuff for my idea.  I promise I will share what I'm doing soon!  I'm looking forward to getting started now that I have most everything together.  Just waiting on something I bought on Ebay to arrive and I should be good to go. 
Have a great weekend!


Wendy said...

That table is a beauty and I am so with you on Jones New York (or Hilfiger) for full retail price. Lovely finds, Flo!

dan said...

The mockneck with cardinals is soooooo cute, and the table was a great bargain! You made the right choices!!!