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Sunday, September 29, 2013

September Thrift Finds

Even with everything I've had going on, I managed to find a little bit of time to peruse my favorite thrift stores.  Early in the month I checked out the one closest to home and found this scarf:
It was only 99 cents and I think it will look terrific tied on to a purse ala' Elle Woods.  It needs a very minor repair, I just loved the color and the pattern.  I also picked up a pair of navy sweat pants--tags still on them.   They are threatening us with a very cold winter, so they will definitely come in handy.  And they aren't the ones with the elastic around the bottoms, so I can get away with wearing them to the grocery store ;)
Another visit to my local Goodwill yielded this sweater:
$2!!!!  Yeah, it's a men's, but it fits great, and I love a sweater vest with a t-shirt (long or short sleeve) or turtleneck--with jeans or corduroys, great for fall.  It is in very good condition, had a slight stain on it near the button placket, but it came right out with some Dawn dishwashing liquid allowed to soak overnight.  It's a shame more people don't know how to remove stains, I find a lot of things in thrift stores that can be saved. 
My best friends hubby had surgery in Pittsburgh, I went to visit and on the way home stopped at Red White and Blue.  I found this shirt:
and this Lands' End sweater:
The shirt appeared to have been worn once or twice, but the sweater was like new, complete with creases from being packaged.  I was very happy to find this sweater for all of $8, they run about $49 on the Lands End website.  Dark colors and I don't get along very well over time either, so if it gets yucky looking, I won't feel bad about getting rid of it.  The shirt--yes, it is more birds!  This time not just cardinals, but also blue jays and chickadees.  If it had gold finches on it, all my favorites would be covered!  I think it will be cute under the vest. 
Last but not least, the best bargain of the month!  I had a few minutes to run in to the Salvation Army near where I am working and found these:
All leather Grasshopper brand sneakers--$3.99.  Worn maybe once, there was dirt on the bottoms of the shoes and that was it--no wear, scuffs, nothing.  I found the exact same shoes on Amazon for $36.  They are marked a narrow width, but they aren't when you put them on, which is why they probably ended up being donated.  I'm not complaining :)
What good finds did you come up with this month?  With what I found the last few months, I think I am in good shape for the coming cooler weather.  But will that stop me from looking???
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dan said...

I love the shirt with birds,it's really lovable...

Gwen said...

The thrift shops down here aren't that great. And Goodwill is in a downright scary area, so my one time there was first and only.