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Saturday, September 28, 2013

I must be getting old...............

Thanks to all for the lovely birthday wishes.  It was a busy week and looks like it's going to stay busy all through the weekend.  I have several things I need to get caught up on around here, Ebay stuff to ship and go pick up my car from it's oil change.  Oh, and groceries--how could I have forgotten that?!  My refrigerator is looking a bit "Mother Hubbard-ish" at the moment.  It's on purpose, I try to do this a couple of times a year, but we do have to eat at some point ;)

Last night we went out to dinner for my birthday, had a wonderful meal.   Came home afterwards, watched a bit of TV--and went to bed at 7:00, I couldn't keep my eyes open!  Pathetic, huh?  I'm glad to be about finished with my working stint, I think the 35 minute commute is starting to do me in again (which is partially why I wanted to quit working in the first place) along with my allergies and the change in seasons.  Maybe I will spend my first week back at home catching up on sleep!  Laney is counting down the days. 

Beautiful weather here in our neck of the woods, hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Gwen said...

I missed your birthday! Sorry about that!