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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

My birthday is the end of this week--we won't say what number it is, but I'm sure some of you can figure it out from some of my posts.  No big celebration planned or anything, hubby and I will probably just go out to dinner.  Two months ago he asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him I would have to get back to him as I wasn't sure, I had a couple of things in mind, but was still mulling it over.

One of the things was a pair of sunglasses.  Not just any sunglasses, but a pair of Ray-Bans.  And not because they were Ray-Bans, but more because of the style.  I fell in love with the Clubmaster style of glasses several years ago when I bought a generic pair, but for some reason they are really hard to find now, and unfortunately I have had little luck finding an inexpensive pair :(   I broke my last pair about two years ago, what a sad day.  After some serious thought, I decided to just get a cheap pair off Ebay and call it fine. They aren't the greatest though, but they will have to do.   I am hell on sunglasses, and I just couldn't justify spending $100 on a pair, only to drop them, sit on them, or leave them in a pocket and bend them.  Hopefully they will come back in style soon and I can stock up on them again.  In the meantime I'll just keep wearing one of my many pairs of cheap Wayfarer knock offs and be happy.
If these were mine, they would be a bent up mess.....
My other thought was a new Aran sweater, pullover style (or jumper style for those of you in the UK and Europe).  I have several cardigans and zip fronts that I've bought from various sources and trips to Ireland, but I thought a pullover would be nice.  The last time we were in Ireland I was very tempted by ones I saw at the Blarney Woolen Mills store, and they sell them online.  Hmmmmm................only problem is that I am on a major weight loss campaign at the moment, and wasn't sure what size I should buy, nor did I want to buy one, only to have it be too large next season.  So I put that idea on the back burner as well.  If only I could have found one in a thrift store, but it wasn't meant to be--or perhaps I should rephrase that, hasn't been meant to be-yet.
Why does this young woman look so sad when she is wearing such a nice sweater???
You ask--what did I finally decide on????  A new bag. (as my friend Paris said sarcastically, "gee, what a surprise" LOL)   First, I am a bag-a-holic of the worst kind.  I buy them from all sources from thrift store to designer shop.  I've made my own, I've bought them off Ebay--I have a little bit of everything from Vera Bradley to Coach to Walmart.  My oldest sister is the same way, she bought a very nice B. Makowsky bag the last time she was visiting, joking how she needed "another bag like a hole in her head".  But we both have the same philosophy about it--no matter how much weight you lose or gain, what shoes you wear, or what clothing you are wearing, your bag can make the whole outfit.  My mother used to scratch her head at us because she was a "carry the same bag till it falls apart" type.  Must come from my dad's side of the family......
I saw a Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM bag that I really really liked.  I WILL NOT spend $1800 on a bag though.  And I'm not a fan of the LV fakes, most of them are very poorly made and don't hold up--and they aren't all that cheap either.  Earlier this year I discovered a brand called Rioni--they are Italian made, and the styles are very similar to LV, but at a fraction of the LV price.  I purchased a Rioni Speedy/Boston style bag over the winter and I was VERY impressed with the quality of the bag.  It's a bag that I can see myself carrying off and on for years.  So I checked on the Rioni website, and lo and behold, they had a bag very similar to the LV bag I had been drooling over.  Overstock.com carries a lot of the Rioni line at a reduced price, and I waited until I got a $20 off coupon to order.  It came yesterday and I love it!!!  It's a little bigger than I was expecting, but that's a good thing, it's actually big enough that if I wanted to carry my Canon DSLR in it , I could, with room to spare. 
Isn't it pretty???? 
Just finished week 3 of my temp job, going well.  It's been nice to be out and about, and it helps that I am working with/for friends.  I have at least 2 weeks left, maybe a little longer depending on how much we accomplish.  I am looking forward to getting back to my home life and Ebay.  I can't get through my craft room for all the boxes and I need to get a serious push on with the holidays coming.  You do realize that Christmas is only 3 months away, don't you?!?!?!  (AAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!)  This weekend is dedicated to getting all the work "inside the TeePee" caught up, my house is a wreck. 
Have a great weekend everyone! 


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Ha Ha!!! Of course! A handbag! And a beauty it is.

Happy Birthday Flo. Have a wonderful day of celebration. Here's to lots more bags in your future.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I've never heard of that brand but it's so pretty. I'll have to go check it out.

Have you heard of Tradsey? I have a referral link on my blog side bar. But it's like a marriage of ebay and Ruelala. Lots of cute bags- I scan it regularly. Might be something you would like either to buy or sell.

Cheers to a wonderful birthday and an even better year!


dan said...

First of all happy birthday Flo!! The three items you had chosen are very beautiful, but I think you did the right buy! As you could know I do love bags too, and you new one is really wonderful!!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday, Flo! :)
You and I are quite a bit alike... I was just telling my boyfriend that my next splurge (for my birthday) will probably be a pair of RayBans. Also, I'm a bag-a-holic, too - everything from Coach and Kate Spade to thrifted.
I like the LV's but there is NO WAY I'm spending 4 digits on a purse, lol.

I hope your Birthday weekend is perfect, enjoy your beautiful new bag!!!

Flo said...

Thanks guys for the birthday wishes!

I will have to check out Tradsey KK, sounds very interesting.

Yes Wendy, I think we really are a lot alike--scary, isn't it? LOL