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Sunday, September 29, 2013

September Thrift Finds

Even with everything I've had going on, I managed to find a little bit of time to peruse my favorite thrift stores.  Early in the month I checked out the one closest to home and found this scarf:
It was only 99 cents and I think it will look terrific tied on to a purse ala' Elle Woods.  It needs a very minor repair, I just loved the color and the pattern.  I also picked up a pair of navy sweat pants--tags still on them.   They are threatening us with a very cold winter, so they will definitely come in handy.  And they aren't the ones with the elastic around the bottoms, so I can get away with wearing them to the grocery store ;)
Another visit to my local Goodwill yielded this sweater:
$2!!!!  Yeah, it's a men's, but it fits great, and I love a sweater vest with a t-shirt (long or short sleeve) or turtleneck--with jeans or corduroys, great for fall.  It is in very good condition, had a slight stain on it near the button placket, but it came right out with some Dawn dishwashing liquid allowed to soak overnight.  It's a shame more people don't know how to remove stains, I find a lot of things in thrift stores that can be saved. 
My best friends hubby had surgery in Pittsburgh, I went to visit and on the way home stopped at Red White and Blue.  I found this shirt:
and this Lands' End sweater:
The shirt appeared to have been worn once or twice, but the sweater was like new, complete with creases from being packaged.  I was very happy to find this sweater for all of $8, they run about $49 on the Lands End website.  Dark colors and I don't get along very well over time either, so if it gets yucky looking, I won't feel bad about getting rid of it.  The shirt--yes, it is more birds!  This time not just cardinals, but also blue jays and chickadees.  If it had gold finches on it, all my favorites would be covered!  I think it will be cute under the vest. 
Last but not least, the best bargain of the month!  I had a few minutes to run in to the Salvation Army near where I am working and found these:
All leather Grasshopper brand sneakers--$3.99.  Worn maybe once, there was dirt on the bottoms of the shoes and that was it--no wear, scuffs, nothing.  I found the exact same shoes on Amazon for $36.  They are marked a narrow width, but they aren't when you put them on, which is why they probably ended up being donated.  I'm not complaining :)
What good finds did you come up with this month?  With what I found the last few months, I think I am in good shape for the coming cooler weather.  But will that stop me from looking???
Linking up today with Blissful and Domestic--check her site out as well as her blog party, lots of ladies and websites with great ideas! 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

I must be getting old...............

Thanks to all for the lovely birthday wishes.  It was a busy week and looks like it's going to stay busy all through the weekend.  I have several things I need to get caught up on around here, Ebay stuff to ship and go pick up my car from it's oil change.  Oh, and groceries--how could I have forgotten that?!  My refrigerator is looking a bit "Mother Hubbard-ish" at the moment.  It's on purpose, I try to do this a couple of times a year, but we do have to eat at some point ;)

Last night we went out to dinner for my birthday, had a wonderful meal.   Came home afterwards, watched a bit of TV--and went to bed at 7:00, I couldn't keep my eyes open!  Pathetic, huh?  I'm glad to be about finished with my working stint, I think the 35 minute commute is starting to do me in again (which is partially why I wanted to quit working in the first place) along with my allergies and the change in seasons.  Maybe I will spend my first week back at home catching up on sleep!  Laney is counting down the days. 

Beautiful weather here in our neck of the woods, hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Take: Downton Abbey S4, E1 (no spoilers!)

I watched the first episode of Downton Abbey last night from series four and certain things jumped out at me:

1.)  Lady Edith could have been friends with Wallis Simpson

2.)  Lady Mary does own big girl panties!

3.)  Daisy always seems to fall for the wrong guy.

4.)  Edna is not going to be Thomas' mole.

5.) What is with all the friggin' rocking chairs??????

Talk amongst yourselves...................

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

My birthday is the end of this week--we won't say what number it is, but I'm sure some of you can figure it out from some of my posts.  No big celebration planned or anything, hubby and I will probably just go out to dinner.  Two months ago he asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him I would have to get back to him as I wasn't sure, I had a couple of things in mind, but was still mulling it over.

One of the things was a pair of sunglasses.  Not just any sunglasses, but a pair of Ray-Bans.  And not because they were Ray-Bans, but more because of the style.  I fell in love with the Clubmaster style of glasses several years ago when I bought a generic pair, but for some reason they are really hard to find now, and unfortunately I have had little luck finding an inexpensive pair :(   I broke my last pair about two years ago, what a sad day.  After some serious thought, I decided to just get a cheap pair off Ebay and call it fine. They aren't the greatest though, but they will have to do.   I am hell on sunglasses, and I just couldn't justify spending $100 on a pair, only to drop them, sit on them, or leave them in a pocket and bend them.  Hopefully they will come back in style soon and I can stock up on them again.  In the meantime I'll just keep wearing one of my many pairs of cheap Wayfarer knock offs and be happy.
If these were mine, they would be a bent up mess.....
My other thought was a new Aran sweater, pullover style (or jumper style for those of you in the UK and Europe).  I have several cardigans and zip fronts that I've bought from various sources and trips to Ireland, but I thought a pullover would be nice.  The last time we were in Ireland I was very tempted by ones I saw at the Blarney Woolen Mills store, and they sell them online.  Hmmmmm................only problem is that I am on a major weight loss campaign at the moment, and wasn't sure what size I should buy, nor did I want to buy one, only to have it be too large next season.  So I put that idea on the back burner as well.  If only I could have found one in a thrift store, but it wasn't meant to be--or perhaps I should rephrase that, hasn't been meant to be-yet.
Why does this young woman look so sad when she is wearing such a nice sweater???
You ask--what did I finally decide on????  A new bag. (as my friend Paris said sarcastically, "gee, what a surprise" LOL)   First, I am a bag-a-holic of the worst kind.  I buy them from all sources from thrift store to designer shop.  I've made my own, I've bought them off Ebay--I have a little bit of everything from Vera Bradley to Coach to Walmart.  My oldest sister is the same way, she bought a very nice B. Makowsky bag the last time she was visiting, joking how she needed "another bag like a hole in her head".  But we both have the same philosophy about it--no matter how much weight you lose or gain, what shoes you wear, or what clothing you are wearing, your bag can make the whole outfit.  My mother used to scratch her head at us because she was a "carry the same bag till it falls apart" type.  Must come from my dad's side of the family......
I saw a Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM bag that I really really liked.  I WILL NOT spend $1800 on a bag though.  And I'm not a fan of the LV fakes, most of them are very poorly made and don't hold up--and they aren't all that cheap either.  Earlier this year I discovered a brand called Rioni--they are Italian made, and the styles are very similar to LV, but at a fraction of the LV price.  I purchased a Rioni Speedy/Boston style bag over the winter and I was VERY impressed with the quality of the bag.  It's a bag that I can see myself carrying off and on for years.  So I checked on the Rioni website, and lo and behold, they had a bag very similar to the LV bag I had been drooling over.  Overstock.com carries a lot of the Rioni line at a reduced price, and I waited until I got a $20 off coupon to order.  It came yesterday and I love it!!!  It's a little bigger than I was expecting, but that's a good thing, it's actually big enough that if I wanted to carry my Canon DSLR in it , I could, with room to spare. 
Isn't it pretty???? 
Just finished week 3 of my temp job, going well.  It's been nice to be out and about, and it helps that I am working with/for friends.  I have at least 2 weeks left, maybe a little longer depending on how much we accomplish.  I am looking forward to getting back to my home life and Ebay.  I can't get through my craft room for all the boxes and I need to get a serious push on with the holidays coming.  You do realize that Christmas is only 3 months away, don't you?!?!?!  (AAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!)  This weekend is dedicated to getting all the work "inside the TeePee" caught up, my house is a wreck. 
Have a great weekend everyone! 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Flashback to Childhood

As a child I had a lot of toys.  One of the advantages of being the youngest, with a large gap between me and the next sibling.  My mother loved Barbie (hence the large collection) but was born too early, so my sister and I reaped the benefits of her Barbie fixation.  Lots of clothes, campers, furniture, etc--I had it all.  Barbie wasn't my all time favorite though.  For Christmas one year my sister gave me a set of dolls called The Sunshine Family and they instantly became my favorites.  I remember playing with them under the Christmas tree, they lived in a suitcase "apartment" until I could save up enough money from presents and allowances to buy them the house.  I don't know what the fixation was with them, perhaps because they were smaller.  I'm a sucker for miniatures.  I always liked Skipper better than Barbie as well.  They were supposed to be a nature loving, back to earth kind of family, very representative of the 70's.  I picture them as Steven and Elise Keaton from "Family Ties". 
As I got older these were the only toys I kept.  I stored them in a box until I finally sprung for a plastic container to store them in.  While doing some renovations on our other house they ended up in the basement and unfortunately were down there when the basement flooded.  I thought the plastic container had done a good job of keeping them safe.  A couple of weeks ago I decided to open it up--phewwwww!!!!!  I spent the next week trying to get everything cleaned and rid of the mildew/mold.  Some things did very well, others not so great.  My dolls were ruined as was the house itself.  I was able to salvage the furniture (which is the hardest part to find, so good thing!).  I decided I would look on Ebay for a set of dolls and lucked out.  I ended up winning this auction:
The Sunshine Family in un-played with condition and two of the Sweathogs from Welcome Back Kotter--Mr. Kotter and Juan Epstein.  I can't tell you how much Lee and I giggled about the Sweathogs.  "Up Your Nose With A Rubber Hose!"  I did manage to flip them again on Ebay, selling in all of 45 minutes to some guy in NY.  I was happy, he was happy, good deal!  The dolls are suffering from minor age issues like many things made of plastic from that era, but otherwise are in perfect shape. 
On to the house--it's a bit harder to find the house sans furniture in decent shape.  So many of them are damaged or the stickers were put on by someone who didn't follow the instruction sheet, so things aren't where they are supposed to be.  The other issue is that the actual wall insides are heavy cardboard, so they can soak up moisture like crazy (which was what happened with mine), so I could in fact be buying someone else's mold problem.  Hmmmmm.............what to do..................?
After thinking about it for a bit, I decided that I am going to build my own house for them!  Yes, that's what those fabric samples and the table I purchased at a thrift store are going to be used for.  I have my MDF already purchased and cut down to size (thank you Home Depot guy!),  I just need to make some slots in it since this is going to be an interlocking dollhouse along the same lines as the original, making it flat for storage if necessary.  I've already started building a couple of furniture pieces that I just need to finish, and I purchased a kitchen set that I modified--I promise once things get a little less hectic I will share some of my progress.  (I did remember to take pictures)  My husband just laughs, he says that in this respect, I am so like my mother, she was in her 80's when she built a beautiful dollhouse (which is in our basement family room), I will have to share some pictures of it when I get it all set up again. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Talk about a whirlwind 10 days--I'm glad it's Saturday so I can catch my breath!  Started out with me getting ready for my sister to come to visit, then the e-mail about going back to work, the Labor Day holiday and then actually going back to work.  I'm exhausted!  Fortunately we have nothing much planned for the weekend other than going out to dinner.  Laney survived her week alone, I sure got a fantastic greeting the first day, you would have thought I'd been gone for days as opposed to hours. 

I took my sister to Red White and Blue, we had a nice time.  She really made out, she purchased two shirts, one for $1.95 and another for 95 cents.  I told her she was the last of the big spenders.  I only found one thing that I really had to have, this lovely Tommy Hilfiger sweater for $6.95.  It's a men's, but truthfully, most men would never wear a pink sweater.  I loved it though and it had to come home with me :)
I didn't do much thrift store shopping in August, I was too busy with other things and quite frankly I really don't need much.  I did find these two tops though in one of my few visits:
Jones New York, a company I wouldn't normally buy at full retail--but a $74 shirt for just under $4--uh yeah!  I loved the plum and white stripes, I think it will look great either by itself or over the plum colored sleeveless mockneck I bought a couple of months ago.
I had to have this mock neck turtleneck when I saw it--I had actually looked at this top right around the new year when it was on clearance at Kohl's!  Even on clearance it was $8 and I wasn't in the right frame of mind at that point to buy more winter clothing.  But for $3.79 and cold weather approaching I changed my tune.

It has cardinals on it!!!!!!!  Anyone who knows me well can understand why I bought it, they would be more surprised if I didn't.
My last purchase to share is something to go with my "project" that I'm going to start working on when I'm finished being a working girl.  I found this table at a Salvation Army about an hour from here, but since I broke my tape measure >:( I couldn't be sure it was the right size.  Hubby and I went back that evening and luckily it was still there as it was EXACTLY the size I needed. 
It is a nice piece, I'm sure it was a rather expensive purchase brand new, but at $7.99 the price was definitely right for what I want it for.  Remember those fabric pieces I bought a couple of weeks ago?  This is going to be used along with those and some other stuff for my idea.  I promise I will share what I'm doing soon!  I'm looking forward to getting started now that I have most everything together.  Just waiting on something I bought on Ebay to arrive and I should be good to go. 
Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 2, 2013


Mom:  I have some bad news.......

Laney:  What?  They quit making People Crackers?

Mom:  No, I'm going back to work......

Laney:  WHAT?!?!?!

Mom:  It's only for a few weeks, and it will only be part time.  I'm doing it to help out a friend.

Laney:  But..........(whimper) that means I'll be stuck in my crate all day again....

Mom:  Not ALL day, just part of the day.

Laney:  I don't like this.

Mom:  But think of all the extra treats and trips to Dairy Queen we can make with the extra money!

Laney:  Well, I suppose.  But I still don't like it.  I'm going to miss you (sniff, sniff)

Mom:  I'm going to miss you too.  But it's only for a few weeks, we will be back to normal before you know it.

Laney:  Okay...............I guess.