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Friday, August 16, 2013

Just How Much?!?!

Shopping at thrift stores is a great way to save money.  How much can you save shopping at thrift stores?  A LOT!  Especially if you buy a lot of higher end names this way.   One thing I have a terrible time finding is pants, I’m really picky about the fit and I’m kind of an odd shape.  I am thrilled that since January, I have managed to add 5 pairs of pants/jeans via thrift stores to my wardrobe.  I’m always excited when I find something that I am looking for at a thrift store, it makes it that much more of a score.  Here is a breakdown on just those 5 pairs of pants for a comparison:
Lands End Sport Knit Cords (like new condition, sized incorrectly, which is why I think they ended up at Goodwill)
Regular price--$44.00      My price $2.99
Denim & Company Narrow Leg Cords (brand new)
Regular Price $38.50 + 6.22 S&H from QVC        My price $2.99
Roamans Twill Khaki’s (like new condition, sized weird!)
Regular Price $47.99      My price $2.99
Just My Size Jean Leggings  (like new condition, sized weird too!)
Regular Price $16.00    My price $1.00
White Stag Knit Pants (brand new)
Regular price $13.97   My price $2.99
Had I paid full price for these pants, my out of pocket would have been $166.68.   Instead I paid $12.96 for all 5—less than the price for one pair of the cheapest pants on this list.  My savings--$153.72!!!  That’s $153.72 that I can use for other things instead. 
I also noted that three pairs of these pants were sized weird.  The Lands’ End Sport Knit Cords were my usual size, but were supposedly petites—NOT!  I usually wear regular or tall pants, but they fit perfectly.  The Roamans Khaki’s and the JMS Jeans were tagged for a size much larger than what I would normally wear, but fit fine.  This is why it pays to either try on clothing at thrift stores or at least have a tape measure with you for places that don’t have fitting rooms.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a great deal on a clothing item because the size it was marked was not the size the garment actually was.   People are lazy and don’t want to take the time/effort to return stuff, so it frequently ends up at the thrift store.  Someone’s laziness can be your gain! 
Vera Bradley Bag I scored for $4 
Other examples of great savings I’ve scored from thrift stores just this year:  (all in new or like new condition)
Vera Bradley Hipster Bag Regular Price $34.99 (on sale), my price $4.00
Quacker Factory jacket and capri pants Regular Price Approx $50 (I had to guestimate since this item is discontinued) my price $5.00  (these were another mis-sized item)
Basic Editions Polo Shirt Regular Price $12.99, my price $4.00
Denim & Co Shirt Regular Price $17, my price $3.00
Brooks Brothers Sweater Regular Price $128.00, my price $3.00
The other advantage to shopping at thrift stores is finding higher end clothing that I probably wouldn’t buy otherwise.  I’m hoping that these items last longer, but if not, I’m not out much money.  I would never spend $128 on a sweater EVER, but for $3 I can take a chance on it.  The other side to this is flipping these items if they don’t work out and more than likely making your money back.  I bought a sweater last year for $2 at Goodwill, didn’t care for it after all, sold it on Ebay for $17.  I’ve also flipped quite a few things via consignment.   My all-time favorite flip is a Brooks Brothers skirt that I bought for $14.99 on clearance at a Brooks Brothers outlet, wore it for 2 years, then sold it on Ebay for $20.  I basically got paid $5 to wear the skirt ;)  The lesson here is that people will buy used clothing in good shape if it is a high end brand name, and pay a little more for it. 
I hope that this information is useful and if nothing else will convince a few more people to try thrift store shopping for at least part of your wardrobe.  It’s economical, many times the money made from it goes to a worthy cause, and it is recycling in the finest form.  Reduce, reuse, recycle!!

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dan said...

I have never bought in a thrift shop, but I used to go in a thrift market some years ago during a holiday in Rome. I found it amusing to look for bargains!!